Daily Adventures in Blogging and How to Get a Free Crafted Press Caribou Coffee

This post was brought to you by Caribou Coffee. All opinions, daily adventures and coffee consumed are completely and totally my own.  Family, full time job and a blog. Every day is not just a juggling act, it’s an adventure. Our blog has become part of our daily life and has taken us some crazy and amazing […]

25+ Christmas Jokes for Kids

  Looking for some fun and cute Christmas jokes you can share with your kids? Here are some kids Christmas jokes to help get your family in the holiday spirit. Know a great Christmas joke for kids I missed? Leave it in the comments below!   Q. What do you get if you cross mistletoe and […]

5 Tips for Surviving Losing Your Job (And Why It Became a Great Thing For Me)

    One year ago I lost my job due to layoff. My world came crashing down and while I was devastated at the time, it ended up being one of the best things that ever happened for our family. Here is how losing my job changed my life and my family’s life for the better. […]

Letting Your Kids Be Whoever They Want to Be or Why My Kid is Dressed Like Spiderman at Walmart

  Recently I was told I was a bad parent by a total stranger at Walmart.   It wasn’t because I was yelling or abusing my child. We were actually playing and giggling while we shopped. It wasn’t because my son was misbehaving and being a terror to other shoppers. He was sitting in a […]

Parenting: How to Handle Tough Kid Questions As the Not So Evil Stepmother

  I published this post awhile back back, but after talking to a fellow stepmom this week who is having a few struggles, it inspired me to dust it off and share it again.  My stepdaughter is now 9, and we have had some ups and downs along the way. Being the “other” parent is […]

You Work Outside The Home?! 5 Tips for Beating Working Mom’s Guilt

When I was little, and grown ups asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to draw a picture of me sitting at a desk. When I was asked what job that was supposed to be, I always said that when I grew up, I was going to be “in […]

How Wearing Sequins Almost Made This Mom a Threat to National Security

  To say that I’ve traveled a lot, is like saying there is a lot of corn in Iowa (where I’m from).  I’ve racked up frequent flyer miles in nearly every airport in the country and many overseas. I’ve been on a first name basis with flight attendants and hotel desk clerks, and had to […]

When Mommy Bloggers Attack & Playground Rules That Should Apply to Grown Ups Too

If you’re a blogger, or read many blogs you may have heard about a big scandal in the blogging world this weekend regarding a photo. Some folks were offended and some nasty blog posts have spun out of control. These articles are so mean and inaccurate (and some of them have already been deleted) that […]

Helping My Tone Deaf Toddler Become A Musical Sensation – #Spon

    My kids LOVE music, however whether they are any good it yet at is another story.   Last night as we were cracking up laughing as my 3 year old put on his own hysterical show singing and dancing Elvis style with his kiddie guitar, I was thinking not only is this kid […]

Why Kids, Grown Ups and Even Mommy Bloggers Need Superheroes – #IronMan3

    Iron Man 3 hits theaters in just a little over a month and based on the huge amount of traffic hitting us here on the site (be sure to check out my exclusive Iron Man 3 inside scoop here!)  looking for info on the upcoming film — I can tell all of you […]

#Parenting: I Took My Kid to Disney World, and All He Really Wanted Was the Beach

  Last week we took our family on a week long dream vacation to the Disney World theme parks in Orlando. We visited Magic Kingdom, went to Epcot, hit Sea World, swam with dolphins and more.   Now that we’re back home from our whirlwind adventure from doing the biggest vacation our kids have ever had, what […]

The Joys of Publishing a Blog Via Dial Up and Appreciating my Internet Service Provider

Last week our family was away on vacation and in between theme parks and other activities I desperately tried to sneek in a few e-mails and blog posts, despite some ancient technology and no wi-fi at the resort. Not only was I not able to get on via wireless, but I actually had to plug […]

Keeping Our Sites and Our Friends Live Online w/ Hosting

  One night when I was laughing out loud to something from the computer screen, my three year old wanted to know what was so funny. I told him Mommy was just laughing about a joke that one of my friends said. He was confused because it was just him and me home alone and […]

Using Transcription Services to Help w/ My Celebrity Interviews for the #DisneyOzEvent

  The last few weeks have been some pretty heavy duty blogging here at 2 Kids and a Coupon!  After an exciting whirlwind trip to the red carpet premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful in Hollywood for the movie’s opening debut and an exciting press junket where I got to interview the cast of […]

Love, Marriage and Dating all Online. How Did You Meet Your Valentine?

    As a blogger, you can probably imagine I spend most of my day online. I work online, I shop online, I bank online. I talk to family and friends online  Many of my online friends I’ve never even met in person. Heck, I even met my husband online.   That’s right. Mr. 2 […]