Menards Black Friday Round Up – Batteries, Lighting, Ladders & More

Our Black Friday coverage continues here at 2 Kids and a Coupon and here’s the latest 2012 Menards Black Friday hot items. Menards is having three separate sales over the Black Friday weekend. There is a 6-hour sale from 5 am to 11 am Friday, a 2-day super sale Friday through Saturday, and a 3-day […]

My Top @Nutrisystem Snack Choices – #NSNation

Thinking about trying Nutrisystem and not sure what to order?  Over the last week I’ve been sharing some of my favorites on the Nutrisystem diet program.  Since December I’ve lost 49 pounds on Nutrisystem and many of you have been reading the last few months about my journey. I’ve had a few folks who are thinking about […]

My Favorite @Nutrisystem Lunch Choices – #NSNation

Are your cool weather clothes still going to fit after a busy summer of get togethers and backyard BBQ’s?   While the temps are still high in most of the country, the truth is fall is just around the corner, and most of us are going to have to break out those cold weather clothes […]

My Top @Nutrisystem Breakfast Choices #NSNation

While the temps are still record breaking highs in most of the country, the truth is fall is just around the corner. As your cool weather clothes are hanging neglected in the closet, are those skinny jeans, pants and long sleeve tops going to fit you after a summer filled with backyard BBQ’s?   Since […]

From a Size 24 to a Size 14 Thanks to @Nutrisystem – #NSNation

Lately, I’ve had a fashion related issue, one I haven’t had before– ever. I can’t seem to keep my pants up. Even my old previously “skinny” clothes that I had to squeeze into and suck it in for are falling down and even pinning doesn’t help make them stay up any more.   So gladly […]

What my 3 Year Old is Teaching Me About #Dieting & My #Nutrisystem Update – #NSNation

  So what does my 3 year old know about dieting? More than you might think!     Since December, I’ve lost 47 pounds on Nutrisystem and it’s not only teaching me better how to eat myself, but also how to feed my family. As we’re making better choices together on our eating and exercise, the kids […]

15 Tips for Teaching Your #Kids to Eat Healthier & My @Nutrisystem #NSNation Update

The other day when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror at work, for a moment, I also didn’t recognize me. Since this time last year I’ve lost 47 pounds with Nutrisystem and while I still have a long ways to go, I’m feeling great and getting tons of compliments from family and friends. Other […]

My Top 10 @Nutrisystem Favorite Dishes – #NSNation

One of the hardest parts about dieting can be giving up the foods you love. Yes, we have to sacrifice some to slim down, but wouldn’t it make it easier to diet if you could still eat some of your favorites like chocolate, pancakes, pasta, ice cream and more? Since December I’ve been still eating […]

How to Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthier + My @Nutrisystem Update – #NSNation

During the last few months many of you have been reading about and offering support on my weight loss journey. Since December I’ve lost 46 pounds on Nutrisystem and while I still have a long ways left to go, I look better, am healthier and feel great. One of the realizations on my weight loss […]

Dieting When You’re a Vegetarian Who Hates Vegetables – #NSNation

Hello. My name is Kim and I’m a vegetarian who hates vegetables. Yep. We do exist, and more often than you might think. Not only are there vegetarians who hate vegetables, but there are those of who are overweight too. The reasons we don’t eat weight might vary, but the truth is that there are […]

How to Enjoy Summer BBQ’s & Still Stay on Your Diet Too – #NSNation @Nutrisystem

  For me, the deadliest diet time of the year isn’t the holidays, it’s the warm summer months. After being cooped up all winter with the cold weather here in Iowa, we’re all ready to get out of the house and get together. This means lots of gatherings and BBQ — and usually lots of […]

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Family Fit & My @Nutrisystem Update #NSNation

Over the last few weeks I’ve received some great e-mails and comments from all of you about our family fitness tips and my recent Nutrisystem weight loss. Since December I’ve lost 43 pounds since being on Nutrisystem’s vegetarian plan and am at my lowest weight and dress size in over a decade. Nutrisystem has also […]

501 Good Reasons to Go Outside and Play + 43lbs Lost w/ @Nutrisystem #NSNation

This week my step daughter is at her mom’s and my husband is working nights, so it’s just me and my little man in the evenings. We’ve got great weather here in Iowa this week, so we went outside to play for a couple hours tonight. We went crazy on the playground, ran around, climbed […]

#Fitness – Do #TV Weight Loss Success Stories Like “The Biggest Loser” Motivate You?

I admit, I’ve never gotten into “The Biggest Loser” on TV. I know many find it inspirational, but I guess seeing other people work out on TV has never motivated me to do it more. The participants on the show have had some amazing weight loss success stories and I admire everything that they’ve done. My […]

Tips for Dining Out on a Diet + My @Nutrisystem Update #NSNation

Can you actually eat out in a restaurant and diet at the same time? One of the excuses I’ve used in the past for my weight is how hard it can be when you eat at restaurants a lot. We travel a lot both for work and for personal, and restaurants are a fact of […]