Laughing Out Loud at Late Motherhood – @Poise #LadiesWithPoise #ad

This post is part of a sponsored post for Socialstars and Poise. All opinions, love and laughter are completely and totally my own. I became a mom a little bit later in life than most. When I met my husband in my mid-30’s, I became an instant step-mom to his young daughter and my son was […]

Letting Your Kids Be Whoever They Want to Be or Why My Kid is Dressed Like Spiderman at Walmart

  Recently I was told I was a bad parent by a total stranger at Walmart.   It wasn’t because I was yelling or abusing my child. We were actually playing and giggling while we shopped. It wasn’t because my son was misbehaving and being a terror to other shoppers. He was sitting in a […]

Happy Birthday Buddy and Why I Almost Wasn’t Here to See Him Celebrate

Today is a big day here at Two Kids and a Coupon, as our little man turns 5. You’ve seen his photos in various reviews and in our social media streams and he gets bigger with every picture we post online.   I’m always excited to see him celebrate his big day every year, and […]

#pottytrainingpants – He’s a Big Kid Now PLUS Save Up to $3 on Huggies Pull-Ups #ad

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pull-Ups® Training Pants.   I have to admit, I was a little scared to start potty training with my son. My step-daughter was already potty trained when my husband and I met, and my son who is a spitfire when he is being […]

7 Tips for Surviving Pregnancy Bed Rest

    When I tell people I did two months hard time, I usually get a strange look, lifted eyebrows and more, especially since I’m not exactly the criminal type. And no my time served wasn’t in the local county jail or state pen, but I did serve 58 on hospital bed rest while pregnant […]

Step Families – 5 Tips for Making Weekend Visits With Blended Families Easier

  If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you know my stepdaughter lives with her mom in another state. We see her a couple weekends a month and for several weeks in the summer. If you’ve also got a blended step-family like ours, you already know that sometimes weekend visits can be a […]

#Parenting – 5 Tips for Making Daycare Drama Easier for Your Toddler

  If your children go to daycare or preschool, you’ve probably had it more than once, the dreaded morning meltdown. The yelling, screaming, hitting, kicking, having to have the teaching pull your kid off of you so you can go to work fit. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe your child starts to cry so […]

Parenting: How to Handle Tough Kid Questions As the Not So Evil Stepmother

  I published this post awhile back back, but after talking to a fellow stepmom this week who is having a few struggles, it inspired me to dust it off and share it again.  My stepdaughter is now 9, and we have had some ups and downs along the way. Being the “other” parent is […]

You Work Outside The Home?! 5 Tips for Beating Working Mom’s Guilt

When I was little, and grown ups asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to draw a picture of me sitting at a desk. When I was asked what job that was supposed to be, I always said that when I grew up, I was going to be “in […]

#Parenting: I Took My Kid to Disney World, and All He Really Wanted Was the Beach

  Last week we took our family on a week long dream vacation to the Disney World theme parks in Orlando. We visited Magic Kingdom, went to Epcot, hit Sea World, swam with dolphins and more.   Now that we’re back home from our whirlwind adventure from doing the biggest vacation our kids have ever had, what […]

Exclusive Interview w/ #TheMiddle Star @PatriciaHeaton + Review of This Week’s Halloween Episode

Ever get really sick of the beautiful people on TV shows with the clean houses and perfect lives? Yeah, me too!   Fortunately for us there’s one hilarious comedy that celebrates those of us stuck in “The Middle” A far cry from one of *those* family sitcoms with the perfect husband & wife couple, lovely kids, […]

Why Having a Preschooler Means Plumbing Problems – #Mommyhood

Want to know the scariest phrase in the world to the mom of a toddler?  Three simple words is all it takes to strike fear in my heart — and to my wallet… Those magic words? “Uh Oh Mom!!”    I’m not really sure why the toilet is so fascinating to toddlers and preschoolers, except maybe because […]

5 Easy Ways to Entertain Kids on Road Trips Without a DVD Player

“Mom…. Are we there yet???” Our family spends tons of times on the road, and my kids are pros at enduring the long car rids that happen due to where we live and our family circumstances. It’s just part of life for us, but that also doesn’t mean I’m always on the lookout for ways to […]

Volvo, Minivan, Convertible? How Having a Family Changes What You Drive

Some how in the last few years, I officially became a grown up. I’m not sure how, or exactly when. I put it off for as long as possible, but some where it snuck up on me.   In addition to being a grown up, I also became my mother. I tell my kids because […]

Uh-Oh….Mom! The Perils of Plumbing Problems in Parenthood

  Want to know the scariest 3 words at my house right now?   “Uh-Oh… Mom!” Those 3 little words are enough to make my heart jump and fear happen, because I know my darling baby boy turned full toddler terror has just discovered something else that can damage himself, our home or our belongings.