Educational Halloween Games for Kids

Who says that Halloween can’t be fun and educational at the same time? Here are some great educational games for kids that are fun too. Ghost Concentration– The object of this game is to guess pairs of objects. It is a spin off the original concentration game. You will need 12 sticky notes and a […]

Halloween Party Games for Kids

Having a Halloween party this week and need some additional ideas to keep the kids entertained?  Here are some great Halloween party games for kids. Candy Corn Hide and Seek Materials: 2 bags of white rice Rubbing alcohol Red food coloring Yellow food coloring Large Ziploc bags Large plastic storage bin 1 bag of candy corn […]

Free Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids

Just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the outdoors. Fall is the perfect time to be outside since it is not so hot and there are no insects to contend with. The good news is that you don’t need money to have a great time outside. Here are some […]

Fun Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

Many people, including kids, love it when the fall season arrives. The weather is perfect for being outdoors. Here are some great outdoor fall activities for kids. Play a game of harvest bowling- Harvest bowling is traditional bowling with a twist. You will need 6 small gourds, masking tape and 1 small round pumpkin. Set […]

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Planning a Halloween party this year for the kids in your life? Here are some great tips for planning a Halloween party for kids. Food ideas- Dirt Cups are a fun party food for kids. All you need is chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies and gummy worms. Fill a plastic cup half way with pudding. Then […]

101 Fun Fall Activities for Families

Can you believe it’s October already?  This warm, sunny fall weather is fabulous and while I know a long Iowa winter is lurking around the corner, it’s a great day to get outside and play as a family on the remaining nice days that we have left. If you’re looking for a few budget friendly […]

2015 Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze Coupon List

Looking to head out for some fall fun with your family?  We have a great list of Corn Maze Coupons and Fall Festival savings nationwide.  Download valuable coupons for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and Fall Family Activities. Arizona Tolmachoff Farms – Glendale Mortimer Farms – Dewey Rocker 7 Farm Patch – Buckeye California Pirates Dinner Adventure […]

Fun Halloween Activities for Kids of All Ages

Planning a Halloween party this year?  Here are some cool and fun Halloween activities for kids of all ages. Don’t Step on the Witch’s Hat Game- This game is almost the same as musical chairs but with a twist. Find a large picture of a witch’s hat and tape it to the floor. The players need […]

Great Fall Jokes for Kids

  Jokes are one of the best ways to get kids laughing. The fall season offers many opportunities for funny and hilarious jokes. Here are some great fall jokes for kids.   Q:  What do you get when you divide the circumference of your pumpkin by its diameter? A: Pumpkin pi   Q: What am […]

Fun Fall Family Activities on a Budget

  Well, fall is almost upon us. The kids are heading back to school and the weather is starting to get chilly. Fall is a great time to plan some activities to do as a family. Here are some fun fall family activities on a budget. Enjoy a football game– Fall and football go hand […]

5 Tips for Celebrating Baby’s First Halloween

Your child’s first Halloween is not a so-called typical one as you might think. After all, your little one really has no clue what Halloween is all about and why everyone is dressed up funny. However, their first Halloween can still be fun and festive, despite their tiny size. Here are some great ideas for […]

5 Ways to Make Having Regular Family Dinners Together Easier – #BillionDinners @DinnerCall #ad

Every night before the kids go to bed, our family talks about our three favorite things about each day. Each of us has to share, and nearly every day we all have one favorite thing in common. It’s not family time, story time or school, but actually the time we spend around the table each […]

5 Fun Cooking Games for Kids

If you want to get your kids excited about cooking, games are the best place to start. By having games incorporated into the cooking process, you are not only possibly instilling a love of cooking in them but you are also teaching them a variety of skills like team work and taking turns. Here are […]

Fun Family Staycation Ideas on a Budget

It is vacation time and that means we get to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some rest and relaxation. However, a traditional vacation is not in the cards for many families. The costs of transportation, food and hotels seem to add up in a hurry. However, this […]

How to Throw a Camping Birthday Party

A camping birthday party is a great idea for kids that like the outdoors. The great thing about a party like this is you just need a big backyard to pull it off. The kids will have a great time. Make it fun with scary stories around a campfire, complete with snacks and campfire drinks […]