How to Keep Cut Fruit Fresh

How to Keep Cut Fruit Fresh

  If you have ever cut up any type of fruit before, then you know how fast it can turn brown, for most fruits. The reason for this transformation is that the oxygen in the air reacts with the cut fruits’ enzymes. As a result of this reaction, most fruit will start turning brown around […]

How to Kid and Pet Proof Your New Carpet – #ad @FlooringAmerica @FlooringCanada

How to Keep Carpet Clean with Kids

This post was brought to you by Flooring America/Flooring Canada . All opinions, messy kids and pets are completely and totally my own.    Thinking about investing in new carpet for your home, but debating if you can keep it safe from your children of both the two-legged and four-legged variety? Whether it’s messy kids, messy […]

How to Price Match at Family Dollar – #FDBlogNGive @MyFamilyDollar #Ad

Family Dollar Price Match 2

Two Kids and a Coupon is a Family Dollar Blogger and participating in a compensated campaign. A reader giveaway was also provided. All opinions, great deals found and frugal shopping skills are completely and totally our own.   Wouldn’t it be great it if you could get the best price from every store’s weekly ad […]

4 Easy Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes

How to make homemade bubble bath

Bubble baths are one of the things I remember most about my childhood days. There was just nothing better than sitting in a warm bath filled with bubbles and making bubble beards and bubble hats. When I hit adulthood, bubble baths didn’t seem quite the same. While bubble baths were still loads of fun, I […]

3 Room Cleaning Games for Kids

How to Get Kids to Clean Rooms

You are probably used to going into your kid’s room and stepping on something; whether it is a toy car, Lego, plastic Army soldier or nail polish bottle, you know it is annoying. Your kids will love cleaning their room with these fun cleaning games. You can choose what you want for incentives but some […]

10 Tips for Family Fun at the Waterpark – @schlitterbahn #BahnLove @usfg #ad

Waterpark Tips

Disclosure: This post and tips were sponsored by Schlitterbahn Waterpark. However all opinions, fun summer kids activity ideas, trips down the waterslide and good times had are completely our own.  Can you believe it’s almost summer already? If you’re like us, you’re probably already looking for fun ways to beat the heat together as a family. […]

5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer – #StyleByMethod #CleverMethod @methodtweet #ad

Laundry Tips

Is it just me, or is buying clothing for your kids a never ending task? Not only do they out grow their clothing almost as soon as you buy it, but between work, school, sports and play, it’s tough to keep the clothing that that does fit them looking good enough to wear in public […]

50+ Easy Organization Tips

Organization Tips

Is getting organized part of your spring cleaning goals? Recently I asked Two Kids and a Coupon readers for your best organization tips and here is what you said. Rosey said:  I write my goals down. I find that works wonders! Sarah L. said: I use a great program called Time and Chaos that keeps […]

6 Creative Household Uses for Vodka

Creative home uses for vodka

While it is true that vodka is ideal for making tasty cocktails like Cosmopolitan and Bloody Mary, there are some other surprising uses that you may not have thought of before. Vanilla extract alternative– If you need vanilla extract in a pinch but don’t have any on hand, you can easily make some. Just take […]

How to Save on Groceries When Stocking Your Pantry – #FDBlogNGive @MyFamilyDollar #Ad


  Two Kids and a Coupon is a Family Dollar Blogger and participating in a compensated campaign. A reader giveaway was also provided. All opinions, great deals found and frugal shopping skills are completely and totally our own. “Mom. I’m STARVING!!!”  Feeding a growing a family is a constant task and whether your family is […]

5 Things to do With Fish Aquariums

what to do with fish tanks

Fish tanks make great aquariums, especially for kids. Aquariums are simple to take care of and make a great pet for kids of all ages. However, when your kids get bored with their fish pets or you need to invest in a larger aquarium, what do you do with the old aquarium? Here are some ideas! […]

6 Easy Apps to Make Filing Your Taxes Easier – @USCellular #BetterMoments #ad


I am a compensated member of the U.S. Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade. However all opinions and unnatural obsessions and attachments to my smart phone are my own. Do you still need to do your taxes? We usually wait to the last minute and just finished ours this weekend. I just need to drop them off at our […]

9 Fun Ways to Play With Bubbles


Looking for a fun springtime activity for kids that really pops!  Bubbles are cheap, fun and can provide hours of entertainment. Here are just a few things fun things to do with bubbles to keep the kids entertained.   Make Your Own While store bought bubbles are very affordable, you can also make your own. To find the […]

3 Mom Survival Tips for Busy School Days #HBOatsBiscuits #ad


How crazy are mornings at your house? With my husband, myself and both my kids all leaving for the day at the same time, mornings can be chaos here at Two Kids and a Coupon. Some days it can be a challenge to just get everyone out the door on time, however staying organized can […]

5 Creative Uses for Garlic

Things to do with garlic

If you love to cook, then you probably have garlic in your kitchen as one of the go-to ingredients that you use most. Most people know that garlic provides extra flavor to most dishes. However, what many people don’t know is that it can be used for an array of purposes outside the kitchen. Cold […]