@Masterlockco Review – Keeping your Family’s Valuables Safe on the Go w/ a Portable Safe from Masterlock

If you’ve been reading 2 Kids and a Coupon for a while now, you know that we’re always on the go. We travel frequently and always have a busy schedule of activities regardless of the time of year or the weather.   One of my big concerns lately has been the safety of our valuables […]

Cooking Up Clean Cusine w/ @XtremaCookware by Ceramcor

Since becoming an official grown up and the one responsible for cooking our family’s meals, one of the things I’ve come to appreciate are good quality kitchen products. After years of buying, replacing, buying again and replacing again the cheap stuff, I’ve learned that investing in high quality pots and pans, cookware and knives can […]

Review: Cleaning Up Life’s Little Spills w/ The Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner

If you’re a parent or a pet owner, your life has lots of little spills and accidents. It just becomes part of life, and so does cleaning them up. So what do use to tackle spills and stains when it comes to your carpet, rugs and upholstery? Recently we’ve had the opportunity to check out […]