#Ookaisland – Save 30% on Ooka Island Online Preschool Learning – #SmartStart #Sponsored

  This review was sponsored by Ooka Island. All opinions and reading adventures are completely and totally our own.   Looking for a new way to help your preschooler get a head start on reading and save doing? We have a special discount available here at Two Kids and a Coupon for a great reading […]

#TV – Show Off Your Shopping Skills & Apply to Appear on #ExtremeCouponing on TLC

I always debate over posting this one because I’m not a fan. I know that this is the show that many of you either love or hate, but if you’d like a chance to show off your shopping and savings skills — here’s your chance! I received an e-mail letting me know they are casting for the new season. […]

How to Extreme Coupon Without Being a Crazy Person Like on #TV

Want to save money, but not ready to be one of the crazy coupon people on TV? You don’t have to shop like those folks on Extreme Couponing to save money. There’s lots of ways to save and still be able to have people still like you too… Here are a few tips. 1. Easy Does […]

#ExtremeCouponing Tips for Real People – Part 2

With the return of the Extreme Couponing series on TV, more and more people are checking into how coupons can make a difference in their family’s budgets. This show demonstrates how powerful coupons can be, and how much you can save with time and effort when shopping. However this show does taking couponing to a […]

#ExtremeCouponing Tips for Real People – Part 1

Whether or not you watched Extreme Couponing on TLC tonight, love the show, or hate it. Chances are if you’re visiting this site, you’re looking for ways to save money or score free stuff. I published these extreme couponing tips a few months back, but since our readership has grown by several thousand since then, […]

7 Couponing Tips for Newbies + How Not to Get Too Carried Away With the Deals

  Not that long ago, I was coupon shopping and was waiting behind a coupon newbie at the register. She had lots of problems with her transactions and went from smiling and laughing, to total full-blown meltdown with sobbing and hysterics all in the course of a few minutes. While I’m always glad to see […]

Extreme Couponing Tip #2 – Combine Clearance and Coupons for Great Deals

One misconception with new couponers is that just because something is on sale, or on clearance, means you can’t use coupons. This is totally wrong!  Unless there is language on the coupon or signage in the store prohibiting it, you can definitely use coupons on sale and clearance items. Here is how we got 24 […]

Extreme Couponing Tip #1 – Stack Store & Manufacturer Coupons for Extra Savings

Did you know that many retailers will allow you to use both store AND manufacturer coupons on the same items on the same transaction? This is a great way to double up your savings and how many extreme couponers (and coupon bloggers) get big savings. Here’s how I stacked coupons during a sale today to […]