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Two Kids and a Coupon

Who the Heck Are We?

A normal working Midwest family, we never thought that we’d use coupons or make them a way of life. But when the economy and life handed us some unexpected turns, I did a Google search for “coupons” for the first time in an attempt to stretch our budget and our lives changed dramatically. Instead of saving $10 or $20 a week, our family saved hundreds of dollars a month, plus we found other ways to save too.

We had so many people asking us how, my husband and I started Two Kids and a Coupon to help share information with a few friends and things blossomed from there. While we do still share coupons and deals with our readers, our blog has become so much more and we now share fun family products, reviews, activities, tips, entertainment, recipes and more with our readers daily. Our team has also grown and we now have several contributors to our site and you’ll also see our 2 kids and my husband and myself here on our blog featured regularly. It’s great hearing from readers who are now saving money and able to better make ends meet because of information we shared.

As you might of guessed from our title, we have two kids (tough to figure that one out, huh? LOL) ages 9 and 4 and we live in small town Iowa. Our site has grown from a few scattered blog posts a week to many daily, and my husband is also regularly blogging on the site as well.

Since our blog has continued to grow, we often bring in addition additional product reviewers and writers from trusted friends and family members. Our team has children in a wide variety of ages and diverse backgrounds and experience and we’re able to provide unique and interesting perspectives featuring your products and services to our readers.


We Know People!
We are proud to have partnered with many well loved and recognized brands — many on a regular basis! Here are just a few of our current

• Disney Mommy Blogger covering – Movie news, Red Carpet Events, Reviews, Celebrity Interviews & More
• Little Tikes 2013 Blog Ambassador
• 2013 PBS Kids VIP Ambassador
• U.S. Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador
• Fox Home Entertainment Insider

These brands have been very pleased with our work and keep inviting us back for more projects and promotions!


Little tikes


People Know Us!
Need bloggers? We know lots of them! We’re active in over a dozen blogging communities and can help you recruit bloggers for your next campaign. Ask us for for details!



We Get Exposure! 
Two Kids and a Coupon has been featured different sites and publications worldwide including,, and many, many more. We can help you get social media exposure for your product, service or business.


We Go Places Too!
We are located in SE Iowa and can easily travel to events in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri by car and fly to events and locations further away with a little bit of notice.


We Do It All!
In addition to blogging, we offer a wide variety of marketing and social media services. Our owner has a degree in marketing from a top Midwest university and over 20+ years professional experience in corporate marketing and public relations. She can offer you advice from a blogger’s and a marketing profession’s perspective on how to approach your campaign. Here’s just a few of the things we can help with

• Product Reviews
• Brand Ambassadorship
• Sponsored Articles
• Twitter Parties
• Giveaways
• Advertising
• Social Media Promotion
• Interviews
• Event Coverage
• Destination & Attraction Promotion
• Speaking Engagements
• Freelance Writing
• Guest Posts
• & More!



Want to Know More? 
We’re a little shy and don’t like showing our delicates in public. Contact us at 2kidsandacoupon(at) and we’ll be happy to get a little more friendly with some details.