25 Tips for Saving on Back to School

25 Tips for Saving On Back to School


Have you finished back to school shopping yet? While we have school supplies, I’m still working on school clothes shopping, shoes and a few of the other things our children need for back to school. Recently I asked Two Kids and a Coupon readers for your best tips to save. Here are 25 of your tips for saving on back to school expenses.

  1. Lawanna says: Inventory what you have. Then make a list of what you need. Keep the list with you, because you never know when you’re going to find some good deals.
  2. Jane T. says: I always look for sales and use coupons.
  3. Cynthia C says: My tip is to study the sales flyers and use coupons when you can.
  4. Vicky C. says: Check the ads! I ran to Family Dollar store when I saw notebooks on sale for 15 cents a piece! :)
  5. Valerie Taylor M. says: I watch all sales and try to get the best deal throughout the summer too.
  6. Michelle Weaver says: We try to stock up on what we need throughout the summer.
  7. Barbara M. says: We’re able to get a lot of our school supplies at the dollar store for mega savings.
  8. Rebecca G. says: Scan the sales papers and use price match.
  9. Christine j says: I look year round for great savings then stock up
  10. Michelle S. says: Try to stock up the year before because often times things are marked way down on clearance. Also check the clearance section at office supply places I have gotten some really good deals that way before.
  11. K. says: I always use as many coupons as possible and check other stores for deals
  12. Robin W. says: Hold off on what you can until the day(s) after school starts and hit those sales for items that are absolutely not necessary to start with. And I know from experience there are plenty of them.
  13. Sarah O. says: If you find the items in other stores circulars you can bring them to most stores and they will honor all the circulars
  14. Stephanie says: I look for sales
  15. Susan C. says: Sales, price matching and coupons!
  16. Allison D. says: My tip is to shop early and look for sales.’
  17. Tracy D. says: I skim through sales ads and price match, if necessary. I get excited when I get something for 25 cents!
  18. Serge B says: Start collecting coupons early
  19. Elle says: My tip is to be on the lookout for coupons not only in inserts but also online and wait for sales.. school supplies goes on sale a lot right before school.
  20. Janna j. says: Use coupons during sales to save more
  21. Cheryl says: Check the ads each week and pick two stores to stop by and get the best sales.
  22. Dara N. says: When it comes to clothing, I would ALWAYS check the end of season racks and buy a size larger if needed. You really can save money on clothing this way! You can do the same thing with closeouts on shoes — just buy a size or two larger so that you can have replacements during the school year.
  23. Elena says: Use coupons and shop sales
  24. Lisa B. says: Shop early, use coupons, shop when there are sales
  25. Cheryl A. says:I always shop sales, ad match, and use coupons when I shop.



  1. robin wilson says:

    These are great! Tried and true tips of any kind are usually the best! Thanks so much for sharing these, they could be applied to other times of the year (seasonal for example) as well.

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