Movie Review – 22 Jump Street

22 jump street

It’s the summer of the sequel, and this year whether you’re watching superheroes, cartoon planes or buddy cop movies, you’re like to see a second (or third, or fourth) installment of a previously released film.


Sequels can be both good or bad, and sometimes when you have high hopes for a movie that you loved the original on, they can also often disappoint.


Last week my husband and I headed out to see 22 Jump Street.  In this new saga, Channing Tatum and Jonah hill are back as officers Schmidt and Jenko and the leads resume their undercover roles to go to college, where chaos occurs when they try to infiltrate the local drug scene and solve a murder.


My husband and I both really liked the original film 21 Jump Street and were looking forward to this next adventure. However despite the star-studded leads in the film, this time we were disappointed.



When Bromances Go Bad
I have to admit I really liked this dynamic duo in 21 Jump Street. The bromance and how they became friends was cute, but this sequel did take it too far to the point where it lost its humor and appeal.


22 jump street 3


While there were some good laughs, this sequel fails to live up to the original and took some of the raunchy humor too far. Ice Cube was the highlight of the film, and the scene at the parent breakfast was hilarious, but the two leads were a little lukewarm in their performance. The script also pushed the awkwardness of Jonah Hill’s character to the point of cringe worthy.


22 jump street1


This film also has considerable references to 21 Jump Street, that you probably won’t get unless you saw the original. If you’re headed to see this in theaters. be sure to rent the first one just so you won’t be totally lost. I had seen the first film, but since it’s been a few years it still took me some effort to make the connections they were trying to link to in the old film.

22 jump street2


22 Jump Street is rated R and includes considerable adult content, drug and alcohol use and references and sexual content. This comedy is definitely meant for adults I’d recommend this one for grown ups only.


Don’t miss the end for a tribute to more Jump Street themes and stick around after the credits for an extra scene.
Did you see 22 Jump Street? What did you think?



Disclosure:  Two Kids and Coupon paid for the cost of this movie at our own expense and all opinions expressed are our own. However as always we used coupons and got a great deal! 






  1. Amy Orvin says:

    I loved watching the original as a kid.

  2. Julie Wood says:

    I have not seen either of these movies. I do not think that this is my type of movie, but it sounds interesting. I like more family oriented movies and I do not think I will be seeing this film.

  3. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I loved 22 jump street and we went to the theatre to watch. I laughed so hard. And the part towards the end I was like nicely done. If you have seen it I am talking about Ice Cubes reaction to a certain someones choice of girl. I don’t want to give it away in case someone on here hasn’t seen it.

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