How to Freeze Fresh Herbs

Freeze Fresh Herbs


Have lots of herbs from your garden, but not sure the best way to preserve them?  It’s easy to freeze fresh herbs for easy storage and use in recipes later on. Here’s how!

Freeze fresh herbs from your garden


Harvest your herbs, wash them and separate. After clean, wash them and chop them.


IMG_3709 (2)
Spoon into ice cube tray (and be sure to label which is which with a sharpie, it’ll wash off later). Just barely cover with water and freeze.



Once frozen, pop cubes out of the trays, bag, label, and freeze. Now you have fresh herbs on hand and off the counter.


When you’re ready for the herbs in a recipe, just pull out the ice cube with the appropriate herb, add to a desired dish and watch your little gems do their magic .

What are your tips for preserving herbs from your garden?


  1. Lisa Aliperti says:

    Yes! Now I have a way to keep some of my fresh basil longer.

  2. alena svetelska says:

    i had no idea you can freeze them like that,thanks for the tip.

  3. This works really well. It also works great for refreshing mint ice water!

  4. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Thank you! I have a herb garden and this is so easy!

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