5 Tips For Choosing a Name for Your New Blog or Website



Thinking about starting a new blog or website?  Getting started on the right name can make a world of difference. Recently a friend of mine who is interested in starting a blog asked for a bit of advice on getting started on a new site. Many bloggers I know have later regretted their original name and have had to go through a name change later on. In order to make sure your site gets started on the right name, here are a few tips.


Make Sure You’re Available
While it may seem overly obvious, many new bloggers get so excited about their name, that they often forget to check availability before they get the site rolling. Not only do you want to make sure that your desired domain name is available, but check close variations on the name and see if those are available as well. In addition to checking availability of your desired name, make sure you can get coordinating social media accounts in your name as well. Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and G+ to check availability and make sure you can get the names you want before you commit.

Keep it Short and Simple
In addition to thinking about what your site name might look as a header on your blog, be sure to also consider the length of the name and ease of spelling. Keep it short, uncomplicated and easy to spell. If the name is too complicated, readers will have trouble finding you or remembering the name to come back. If the name is too uncommon or hard to spell, that will work against you too.

Don’t Cheapen Your Name
Even if your blog is going to be about coupons, deals, saving money or some other frugal endeavors, you may want to consider leaving that out of your name. As many bloggers found out the hard way (myself included), some brands will not work with you if your name appears to be “cheap” in any way. You may also decide to switch your blog focus after time and want something different for your site, so don’t restrict future content by having a particular word in the title.

Take it Global
While it may be tempting to pick a geographic area such as your city, state or region as part of your name, consider that your audience may be much, much bigger. Think about your name on a world wide web basis. If you include geographic restrictions in your name or website domain, you could limit yourself to new readers that are outside that area.

Consider Your Circumstances May Change
While it may be tempting to want to name your site after your current circumstances in life (such as familyofsix.com or fourkidsandadog.com), consider your family or present lifestyle may change in the future and make that not applicable anymore. Think about where your life could be 2 or 4 or even more years from now and try to think long term when choosing a name.

What are your tips for those considering the name of a new website or blog?


  1. Great tips! I especially like the tip about checking to see if it’s available. I came up with several options before checking and most of them were unavailable. So it’s good advice to not fall in love with a name … the “break up” will be hard. :-) I’d also add that, if possible, let the name tell readers a bit about what they’ll find on your blog. For example, the name of your blog immediately lets people know that they can find info about couponing. I see the name of the blog as the first bit of info we offer readers. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Shoshannah says:

    Great advice. Thank you for posting!

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