3 Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Belongings Safe for Back To School #Ad


Keep Your Possessions Safe for Back to School


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Now that school is either already back in session or starting very soon, does your family know what it takes to keep your child’s belongings safe?  Did you know that nearly half of North American parents admitted that their child has had an item stolen from them at school, with the most valuable being their cell phone?*.  Even my kids are still in elementary, we’ve already had problems with items going missing and getting stolen. If you’re worried about keeping your child’s belongings safe this school year. Here are a few tips.

Label and Identify
We live in a small town with limited shopping options, which also means that many of our children’s jackets and clothing items are identical to their classmates. To help make sure we keep our items separate from our children’s friends, we label everything they take to school from backpacks, to pencil cases to jackets and gym clothes. Order a set of stick and apply decals that can be washed with clothing in the washing machine, and consider getting some with your phone number or e-mail so that you can be contacted if lost items are found.

Leave Expensive Items at Home
Every day my little man wants to take one of his favorite possessions to school, however class is for learning and some items shouldn’t be brought to school unless required or absolutely necessary. Set ground rules with your children on what can go to school and what can’t, and make sure valuable items like iPods stay at home unless there is a special reason.

Lock and Protect
Did you know that more than half of North American students don’t use a locker to store their belongings – most, opting to carry their belongings with them all day?* Encourage your kids to use their lockers at school and to also make sure that they secure their belongings with a secure lock that protects their items. While number passwords might be tough to remember, other lock options like Master Lock’s 1535DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Lock can help make passwords easy to remember. Other options like a 1500eDBX dialSpeed can allow you to reset combinations if they’re forgotten. If your child needs to keep belongings such as cash, cell phones or small electronics can easily be protected with a 5900D SafeSpace to keep items secure for gym, sports practice and more.
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What are your back to school safety tips?




About Master Lock/BTS:


The world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks and related security products, Master Lock provides innovation security solutions for home, automotive, campus, power sports, bike and storage security needs since 1921. They strive to provide families with the best products and advice to help families live their lives safely and securely. For back to school, Master Lock has a variety of stylish, secure and customizable products to make students “back-to-school” savvy and ensure they don’t forget their combination with a wide range of products and tools for student use including padlocks for school and gym lockers, laptop locks, backpack locks and an online website and mobile app for storing passwords and other important documents.


back to school safety tips
In 2010, Master Lock reinvented the traditional padlock with the introduction of the Speed Dial – the first padlock that opens on directional movements (up, down, left, right) instead of the traditional rotary dial. In 2012, the brand topped itself again with the release of the first-ever digital padlock called the dialSpeed. This year, Master Lock back-to-school products feature new colors inspired by the fall 2014 PANTONE® Fashion Color Report.


Back to school security Tips

This school year, Master Lock is dialing up back-to-school fun for students and parents with an interactive online game, “Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge.” The game offers players a chance to view the many products Master Lock offers to keep students’ belongs safe at school while getting a chance to win fun Master Lock products and other cool prizes. Now through September 7, participants can go to www.MasterLockPhotoHunt.com for a chance to win back-to-school security items and create a Master Lock shopping wish list. Players can add any of the Master Lock products they see while playing the game to their wish list and email it to mom or dad for easy back-to-school shopping. The game features two similar back-to-school images and asks players to spot the differences before time runs out. Finding all the differences will unlock the next photo board with the potential to earn up to two sweepstakes entries for each play. If participants share the photo hunt challenge on Twitter, they earn an additional entry. There are more than 65 chances to win, including daily instant win prizes, weekly prizes and one grand prize: a Samsung Smart Media Center Package that includes a 60” HD 1080p Smart LED HDTV.


About Master Lock Back to School Products:

  • 1500eDBX dialSpeed Digital Combination Lock: Eliminate the fear of the forgotten combination with this high-tech gadget for the digital era. This lock offers ultrafast entry and features an electronic light-up keypad with a unique online Backup Master Code that users can retrieve from masterlockvault.com.  It stores multiple resettable guest codes and sports a sleek, ergonomic design for one-handed, no-look operation to keep lockers stylish and secure. Available in black and white and retails for $15.99.
  • 5900D SafeSpace™ Portable Safe: Keep your things safe while socializing. Stash cash, jewelry, credit cards and more in the SafeSpace for security on-the-go. Features an integrated cable that can be securely anchored to a fixed object or used as a handle for convenient carrying. Available in white, grey and pink and retails for $19.99.
  • 1535D and 1535DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Locks: Students can rock this lock with a custom, personalized combo they won’t easily forget. Perfect for students who prefer to create memorable combinations in the form of numbers or a word, initials or a favorite acronym. Select styles are available in black or white with brightly colored dials and retail for $7.99. New this year are white locks featuring bright and trendy turquoise or pink dials inspired by the fall 2014 PANTONE® Fashion Color Report
  • 1500iD Speed Dial™ Set-Your-Own Combination Lock: Your student’s locker never looked this good. Up, down, left, right – help them remember their combo without a fight. New this year: a stylish metallic purple design.
  • 5900D SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer Lock: Delivering peace-of-mind for college bound students, the SafeSpace allows you to walk away from your laptop without your laptop “walking away” from you.
  • Master Lock Vault: Securely store your private data in the cloud  for easy access anytime, anywhere with this digital safe deposit box.

**According to an ORC International Report ‘School/Theft Statistics’ prepared for Master Lock April 11, 2012

***According to a 2011 National Retail Federation Study




  1. Julie Wood says:

    I have to label everything so my son knows what is his. And leaving home valuables is so important because he had something of value stolen from him in school. A good combination lock to keep some of his sports item safe is very important to me.

  2. RICHARD HICKS says:

    I like the tips given here to keep things safe. Really best not to take anything of great value as it becomes a target .

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