Help Fight #ChildHunger and Win a Chance to Ask @HunterHayes a Question


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Did you know that this summer while many of us are planning summer picnics and backyard barbeques, as many as one in five children in the U.S., including more than one in four Latino children, may not know where their next meal is coming from? That’s nearly 16 million children, a number that could fill 8,000 playgrounds.

School is out and summertime means that millions of children lose access to school lunches, leaving them unsure of when, or if, their next meal is coming. As many as 10% of U.S. children live in food insecure homes, however it’s simple for anyone to help out, regardless of your budget.

Kids who experience even intermittent struggles with hunger may suffer serious, long-term consequences to their health, well-being and educational achievement. What’s more, being hungry robs kids of the promise of childhood – the ability to play, grow and learn. To help combat child hunger and help kids meet their full potential, ConAgra Foods is partnering with P&G to build a community of people to make a difference and help donate up to 7 million meals through the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.

Multiple GRAMMY-nominee Hunter Hayes and ConAgra Foods have teamed up to end child hunger. Child Hunger Ends Here is proud to work with Grammy-nominated country music artist Hunter Hayes and be the presenting sponsor of his “We’re Not Invisible” tour. For every download of Hunter’s new single, “Invisible,” on iTunes, Child Hunger Ends Here will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity, Feeding America, up to 1 million meals.

Right now Child Hunger Ends Here is giving you the exciting opportunity to “Ask Hunter” a question—and he may answer it personally!  Here’s how!


•Just enter a code on for the chance to ask Hunter Hayes a question. Each month through August 2014, Hunter will personally answer one question (using the winner’s name!) and post the video to the Child Hunger Ends Here Facebook page.
•Child Hunger Ends Here will share some suggestions for great questions for Hunter. In June, be thinking about what you want to hear from Hunter about his family. Do you want to know if he inherited any musical talent from a family member? Or why family is important to him? His favorite summertime family memory? Use your imagination!
Want to learn more on how you can help get involved and combat child hunger?  Join the Child Hunger Ends Here Facebook community at or follow the news on Twitter and Instagram at @ChildHungerEnds. You can also a moment to fill out this quick reader survey to help ConAgra Foods and the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign gauge awareness.


  1. Michelle S says:

    Child hunger is an issue that more than saddens me, and it saddens me that some parents are too proud/ashamed to seek help with getting help, or with their finances., if that is the reason why. I wish, tho, more than just giving kids meals could be done. We can only give them meals for so long, but that doesn’t fix the problem. We can only donate so much money, to give out so many free meals, but it does not fix the reason why that child doesn’t have food. Maybe they’re parents are unemployed, maybe the parents are spending it on booze and what have you.

  2. I agree. It’s tough and many aren’t aware so many are food challenged right here at home. My sister is a teacher and often has to take food for some of her students. While it’s tough to make a difference as one person, especially on a budget, I always love programs where you can donate for free by entering codes from products you’re already buying anyway. We had several in our freezer with the codes already! It just takes a few movements to enter the codes and it still helps make a difference.

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