Angelina Jolie Talks Maleficent, Motherhood and Movies – #MaleficentEvent

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent


One of the hot summer movies that everyone is talking about hits theaters in just a week. Sleeping Beauty gets a whole new twist as Disney’s most iconic villain played by Angelina Jolie is comes to the big screen in a live action retelling of her own side of the story, Maleficent.


Earlier this week I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Angelina Jolie and the cast of Maleficent to not only learn more about their roles in the film, but them as real people too.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing some fun exclusive interviews and behind the scenes Maleficent scoop and first up is an interview with Maleficent herself, Angelina Jolie.
Here’s what Angelina had to say about Maleficent, being a mom and more. 


On Her Connection to Maleficent 
When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by her.  I didn’t really identify with the princesses, at the time. It was like seeing this elegant, powerful woman who seemed to be having a great time. So I was a bit fascinated by her.  There was a rumor that the movie was going to be made, and I was very happy when I got the call.  Just the idea of a Disney movie, having children and just being a big kid myself, and wanting to do a little bit of fun.  


On the First Time She Saw Herself as Maleficent

I was really happy.  I was.  I was really happy because we went through a few stages in trying to find her. We went kind of in many, many different directions.  Then at the end of the day, we said, that because it is a real film and Malificent has real scenes and emotional scenes, the soul has to come through.  So the costume had to be creature enough, but she still had to be able to have very serious scenes.  I think they did an amazing job.


On Finding Her Voice as Maleficent
My kids helped me find it.  I always tell them stories, I was giving them baths and I was doing this thing where a few nights in a row I would tell them stories in the bath.  I was trying out voices and a few they’d say, please stop.  Then sometimes, they’d listen and  be more engaged, and I kept trying and trying and trying. Then I did that voice and they couldn’t stop laughing.  So I kept doing it more, and more, and more, and more, and more.  So they still make me do it.  I had to do it the other night for bedtime.



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On Having Her Daughter Appear in the Film
It was a tough choice to do it.  Maleficent (the film) is not frightening for children, but I did scare little kids in person.  I kept thinking I was a Disney character and I’d want to talk to them.  They’d get mad and essentially leave.  We realized what four or five year old little girl can I be really mean to and say things like “I don’t like children”, and have her be fine?  We realized it was probably Vive, and it was really fun. Because she is at home my little shadow and I can never get her to give me space.  So it was very funny that no matter, even dressed as a monster that I couldn’t quite get her.  The other kids think it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen.  

The first day she had to catch the butterfly and like any four year old, she just decided she didn’t want to.  So there’s some really, really funny outtakes of Brad and I.  I’ve actually got the stick with the blue ball, that’s supposed to be the butterfly and I’m kind of running in front of her. Brad’s off the edge of the cliff, kind of trying to like dance and make her jump into his arms.  She made us work all for that. The people at Disney did say it was the funniest dailies that they’d ever seen.  It exists somewhere, I haven’t seen them, I should get them.  But it was lovely.  It was lovely to do it.

 Angelina Jolie is Maleficent

On Her Children’s Reaction to Her in Maleficent Costume
I should have brought them in early and have them watch me get in my makeup.  I thought it would be really fun to surprise them.  Some of them were fine, they just got a little quiet. The mom had disappeared and they were really wanting to know where mom went.  Pax, ran away from me and I made the mistake of thinking he was playing a game and I chased after him.  Then I realized he was upset. So, he had to come in the makeup trailer and watch me take everything off.  


On Doing More Family Films
For Disney characters, we’ll see if I get cast again. I did, I did like my horns, so maybe they’ll give, maybe I’ll get another shot at it.


On Being a Working Mom
I’m at a very lucky position. I have a supportive partner and he and I are able to take turns working often.  When you make a film, it doesn’t take all year around.  When I direct it does, but I get to decide when I leave in the morning and when I come home at night, and I can edit in my bedroom, and would be there in case there’s an emergency with the children.  So I have a very rare luxury, with my job to be able to have my kids with me on set every day and home school. Other mothers have it much harder and don’t have the means to have the assistance I do.

I don’t feel like I, by any means, ah, do anything exceptional. My mom was a single mom and she gave up her dreams to like to make sure she could take me to my auditions and support me. Nobody acknowledged her for what she did, so that was hard.  Mine’s not too bad at all.  I can’t complain.


On the Importance of Mothers
I think for every mom, that the most important thing we do is we raise our children with love and compassion. To become great people and thoughtful of others and that’s the most important thing.  If everybody did just that, we’d have a very different world.  And encourage our children’s education and help them to be conscious of the world around them.  So I think mothers have the most powerful role.  There was even examples of Taliban fighters who stopped because their mothers stopped them.  Because the mothers became educated.  They couldn’t stop the men, but they, educated their mothers and the mothers got them back home. So the mother is a powerful thing. 


On Her Humanitarian Efforts
Especially with being online, there is so much to connect to and so much that can be done.  You see now with the situation with the Nigerian girls, that it’s not government, but he masses speaking out and pushing for government change.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like every voice counts, but it really does.  There’s a conference in June I’d love you to be aware of that I’m doing June tenth to the thirteenth called PSBI, it’s the largest summit ever to end sexual violence in conflict.  NATO will be there, peace keepers will be there, governments, victims, and doctors will be there and it’s open to the public. I think that’s what these things take, all of us very tightly working together.


So how did this ordinary, working mom feel after having a chat with the one and only Angelina Jolie? It’s been a couple days now and I’m still stunned and amazed. Of course I was a little starstruck because of who she is and everything she does, but I was also blown away by who she was as a person and not her resume of movies.  Angelina Jolie is funny, beautiful, talented, a movie star, adored by millions (not to mention her guy is Brad Pitt), but most of all she is a mom. She loves her children and family is important to her. She has all the resources in the world, but she loves spending time at home doing ordinary mom things like telling stories and making her children laugh. As a working mom with an often intense schedule she still makes family a priority, and you can see in her face and hear in her voice how proud she is of her family.


When it comes to her films, Angelina Jolie now does so much more than just acting. For Maleficent she was involved in selecting the cast, costume design and more, helping design many of the amazing subtleties that became this final masterpiece. Plus on top of it all she still finds time to use her resources and be involved in the humanitarian causes that she feels passionately about.

Despite a crazy schedule during the Maleficent movie promotions, my fellow bloggers and I were thrilled that Ms. Jolie was able to take a few minutes to talk to us.  While we came away with different things, one thing is for certain. You WILL want to see Angelina Jolie in Maleficent when it opens in theaters May 30th.




Disclosure: Two Kids and a Coupon received a trip to Los Angeles for purposes of covering this event. No compensation was received and all opinions and love of movies is completely and totally our own. This information on this film was provided. We are sharing because we know many of you and your families love movies as much as we do. All opinions, movies watched and popcorn consumed are completely our own.


  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    It’s good to know that this movie isn’t scary for children. It looked scary to me in the previews, but my daughter really wanted to see it.

    • Maleficent is PG and kid friendly. There are a few fight scenes and moments of peril that might startle sensitive or really young viewers, but nothing really scary or inappropriate. As a mom, I would say that it is appropriate for 7 or 8 and up, just due to the fact that I’m not sure younger kids who mostly watch animated films would have the attention span to follow the live action story. I’m planning on taking my 9 year old when it opens next week. :)

  2. All I can say is wow. AMAZING. What an amazing experience and just hearing Angelina Jolie’s words….she is intelligent and a Superstar in so many ways. I can not wait to see Maleficent

  3. Shoshannah Smyser says:

    I love your way of getting us straight to her point. In the article, she seems so open and honest, just like you are asking her questions over a grocery cart at the store. Once she got to answering you questions, did you relax and realize that she is a mom like us? Even though she is a POWERHOUSE for her humanities? Fantastic job. Amazing to see your success at this blog. I love it.

    • Thanks Shoshannah! It really wasn’t a formal interview. It felt more like just a chat between friends. She cracked jokes, smiled, talked about Brad and the kids. Getting to see the real her made me realize even more what a great actress she is and I do love that she uses her fame and resources to bring attention to such important causes.

  4. Looks like a very cool experience to have. I cannot wait to see this movie…I have got to find someone to go with me. The more trailers that I see, the more I want to see it.

  5. Interesting! This movie promises to be a different take on the story, for sure. Thanks for sharing your interview. Looking forward to this.

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