6 Things to Do When the Kids Say ‘I’m Bored’

things to do when kids are bored


I’m bored.’  Two words known to strike terror into a parent’s mind, particularly in summer. There is no school to send the kids off to, and then there is no homework that they can be ordered to finish. So how to combat, ‘I’m bored’ without involving television or the computer?  Here are six ideas to keep kids busy when they are bored.


This does not require Doctor Who’s TARDIS. Ask the kids to pick a year – maybe when Mom and Dad or the grandparents were the age the kids are now. Live a day in that year. What would they eat, drink, watch or listen to? Raid closets or even hit the thrift stores and find those awful suits from that year … every year had awful suits. For older kids, have them research online about that time period for things like popular music, TV shows and more.

Just think. A foreign vacation without uncomfortable airline seats or dodgy hotel food. Much the same as the first idea, have the kids pick a country they want to live in.

It is easy to see where this is going, isn’t it? The parent is teaching (and quite likely also learning) in the form of a game. Pick a language, any language that is not already part of the school curriculum. If there is more than one child, award prizes for whomever learns and uses, correctly, the most new words. Have the kids test the parents!

4)      LET’S COOK 
A more subversive activity. The response to, ‘I’m bored’ can be, ‘Would you like a snack?’ Who ever turns down snacks. But don’t let it just be chips. Have them use their imaginations, then let them assist in the preparation.

Take a walk around the neighborhood. What are the names of the streets? Why are they named that (especially good if they are named for people or events)? What trees are there? Who has the best/worst kept garden? If the kids could choose another house, which would they choose?

6)      LET’S THINK
Don’t call it that, or they’ll never want to play. The old game of 20 Questions is both easy and fun. Think of something, tell the kids if it is an animal, vegetable or mineral. They now have a maximum of 20 questions that can be answered Yes or No before they must make their guess.


Outside of a possible trip to the thrift store and maybe a few of the snack ingredients, none of these ideas need cost a penny, and they will all eat up hours of time with fun activities.


What things does your family do when the kids are bored?


  1. One of my niece’s favorite things to do is play 20 questions! Thanks for sharing, these are so great ideas-I would have loved to go to a different time for day growing up!


  2. Birdiebee says:

    These are some great ideas and a good way for kids to stay unplugged as well.

  3. Or let them stay bored.. to learn to be independent :) Recent research points to the necessity of kids being bored sometimes, in order to let them develop creativity.
    But often you have to deal with the boredom and these are great tips, thank you!

  4. Gotta stay on top of this all the time because it seems they are always bored. :)

  5. I hate School says:

    I never study, I hte school already, bore myself with
    it and why bring it home.I believe I could do better in school if I was home schooled really…it’s
    a much more comfortable surroundings.

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