5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen on a Budget

How to fix up your kitchen


 Looking to give your kitchen a new look, without spending a lot of cash?  Sprucing up your kitchen doesn’t require an extreme home makeover or an extreme budget. These simple steps can help give your kitchen a little extra love and get it looking great without a big expense. 


1.  Oil the wood work.  Keeping the cabinets clean is essential for a fresh looking kitchen. But cleaning is not the same as oiling wood.  Often, the woodwork and cabinets can become faded and dry.  Rubbing lemon seed oil on cabinets and any other woodwork will moisturize and maintain the wood as well look and smell great.


2.  Counter tops.  Wiping crumbs from the counter keeps the kitchen sanitary, but to truly spruce it up and refresh the look, remove items such as toasters and blenders and store them in a cabinet.  Even the coffee maker, which is used daily, doesn’t need to be stored on the counter top.  Freeing the countertop leaves the kitchen feeling bigger and fresher, not to mention easier to keep clean.


3.  Fridge.  The fridge is the source of all things tasty and many things that can get smelly and dusty.  The smelly comes when broccoli is forgotten in the vegetable drawer.  The dusty is the art work by the children, schedules, great report cards, clippings, and coupons that find their way to the door and grow old there.  Take them down.  As these are often items of importance, put them in a clear plastic crate and save the time line.  Don’t keep them on the fridge door for a decade, which is more common than one would think.


4.  Fresh flowers.  Fresh cut flowers from the garden or store are lovely, but just as lovely, and much easier to maintain, is a potted perennial in a bright color.  Small ferns and succulents also make for a delightful and polished feeling décor.


5.  Dish towels.  New dish towels are to the kitchen what a beautiful scarf is to the wardrobe.  Dish towels are an inexpensive and practical way to add a little zip to the kitchen’s décor as well as a bit of fun to drying the dishes.


  1. ellen beck says:

    Lots of good tips and fairly inexpensive little touches!

  2. Patricia Hoffmeister says:

    ” SahmReviews.com says ‘Hello Better.’ “

  3. Birdiebee says:

    You have some good ideas here. Also, adding some wall pictures or quotes can also give the kitchen a fresher look. ” SahmReviews.com says ‘Hello Better.’ “

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