5 All Natural Home Cleaning Solutions

Natural Cleaning Solutions

Spring cleaning does not have to mean chemicals and lost of expensive cleaning supplies.  Natural products and items from the pantry are cost-effective, healthy for the family, and work better than the heavily perfumed products marketed in the media.  To keep the process “green,” consider these cleaning supplies:

1.  White vinegar has antibacterial properties which make it excellent for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces.  Mixed with some water to clean the windows, or poured straight into the toilet and allowed to sit, this acid (back to science class) is effective and safe.

2.  Baking soda is the basic side of things and is an excellent scouring material.  In addition, sprinkling it on the carpet, letting it sit, and vacuuming it up cleans and deodorizes.

3.  Lemon seed oil is ideal for cleaning and treating furniture, baseboard woods, and any other wood in the home.  Linseed oil is also effective, but lemon seed smells wonderful.

4.  Soap nuts are a natural nut that has soap properties.  Used in place of laundry detergent, blankets and pillows can be cleaned just like clothing.  Boiling soapnuts in water creates a solution that can be put in a spray bottle and used throughout the house. Or the solution can be used to wash the walls, soak a clean, flannel cloth and wipe the walls from top to bottom.

5.  Fresh air and sunshine.  Skip the perfumed spray to deodorize couches, mattresses, and the house in general.  Take the furniture outside and let the fresh air and sunshine leave their scent.  This strategy is underrated and seldom seen anymore.  Homemakers of an earlier generation relied on the benefits of a lovely day.


Nothing refreshes a home faster than cleaning, and clean means no scent or a natural scent like citrus.  It is the cleaning strategies from Mom that really leave the home ready for the season.




  1. Ah! I’ll definitely have to try out the lemon seed oil-almost all of my furniture is wood! Thank you =)

  2. Birdiebee says:

    I always love to use natural cleaners rather than the store bought items as I have so many allergies and feel that the cleaners in the store are not good for my health. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I’ve only recently discovered the wonder that is vinegar. It really is amazing stuff. It’s safe on food, too; I use a diluted vinegar-and-water solution for disinfecting windfall apples, and it works great.

  4. sheila ressel says:

    Never heard of soap nuts before. They sound interesting and like they would save me a lot of money.

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