5 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy day activities for kids


So there was this great day at the beach planned, except now it is raining so incredibly hard that animals are gathering in pairs, and there is an old man down the street, standing in front of a giant boat and screaming, ‘I told you so!’ This may not be a great day for sand castles. Here are some fun rainy day activities for kids to still have a great day, despite the weather.


Well, just because it’s raining, that doesn’t mean everything has to be canceled. Take out the blanket, the hamper, and everything except the Frisbee, and sit on the floor. Maybe try eating in the basement or attic or somewhere else unusual you normally wouldn’t. For even more fun, build a tent or fort to dine in!

Put the names of the parents and all the children on file cards. Shuffle and deal. No one can play themselves! Spend until bedtime (note until bedtime) playing someone else in the family. This can be a real eye-opener for all concerned.

Have the kids either write down or make a YouTube video describing the day they (didn’t) have at the beach, or amusement park, or whatever it was that was canceled. Have the kids read the stories or watch the videos together. There is a side benefit. Mom and Dad may think they know what the kids wanted to do; now they will know what the kids wanted to do.

4)      GET WET
So what if it’s raining? If it’s raining in summer, how cold can it be? And unless it’s the second coming of the Johnstown Flood, or a thunder and lightning storm, how dangerous can it be? Put on the swimsuits and play in the backyard! Get that Frisbee out and dive on the soft, wet grass!

Alternatively, play a family favorite. But somewhere along the line, everyone plays their very first game of Monopoly, Checkers, or Hearts. Make today that day. If a card game is found that everyone is playing for the first time (Spades is a great old game), have a prize like the winner chooses dinner.


All of a sudden, that two hour drive to an over-crowded beach doesn’t seem at all like such a loss after all.


  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    The indoor picnic is my favorite idea. I think my kids would say the pretend diary was too much like schoolwork.

  2. One of my favorite memories growing up as a kid was going outside with my siblings and mom when it was raining and singing ‘Sining In The Rain’ with our umbrellas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Antoinette Burleson says:

    I love the changing identities activity, with us living in Central Texas, we know all about cancelled plans due to the rain. Next time i’ll know exactly what to do. The kids will probably like the video idea too, since they like make believe and pretend a lot right now! Thank you for the great ideas, if we had an attic i would so try the indoor picnic that sounds like tons of fun!

  4. Great suggestions, love share. I think you may want to add a share twitter button under your posts to make it easier to pass them along. For now I’ve been using cut paste method :)

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