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April is here and in addition to spring showers, we also have Earth Day this month as an important reminder that we all need to do just a little more everyday to go green and to teach our children to do the same. We’ve just moved into a new home here at Two Kids and a Coupon and as we settle into our new routine and surroundings, we’ve been teaching the kids to help with the recycling, having them help plant flowers, clear away fall and winter brush and get our garden and flower beds ready for spring.

As we’ve been unpacking boxes, the kids have been helping us go through old items and clear out and donate and recycle what we no longer need. Did you know that the statistics on the numbers of electronics that are not being recycled are sobering?  Of the 141 million mobile phones that were discarded in 2009 (the most recent data available), only 12 million were recycled, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thirty percent of people who do not recycle their used cell phones refrain from doing so because they don’t know where to recycle their devices, according to an online poll conducted by Earth911.

In honor of Earth Day, U.S. Cellular encourages people to recycle their old electronic devices and is providing incentives to do so. Customers can get up to $250 when they trade in qualified smartphones – including Apple® iPhones – at U.S. Cellular retail locations through the company’s Trade-in Program.


While recycling old devices is one way to be green, there are other ways to reduce, reuse and recycle from the palm of your hand with a 4G LTE network and a device such as the Apple iPhone® 5c or iPad Air. In honor of Earth Day, U.S. Cellular offers the following tips; apps and websites that will help people become more eco-friendly.
Here are some fun apps you can use to go green (and get rewarded for doing so!)




  • provides actionable tips and advice to become more environmentally conscious.  Plus, users get rewarded with points (redeemable for grocery discounts, gift cards, etc.) by being green (recycling, using less water, etc.).
  • The fun JouleBug app also provides valuable information about going green, and users can earn badges and compete with others to be the most eco-friendly.  JouleBug claims that users who follow their tips will save an average of $200 per year – which can make your wallet greener as well!
  • Recycle more easily. The 1800Recycling app identifies nearby recycling locations based on ZIP code, and provides directions to the recycling centers and lists which materials they’ll take.
  • Share your treasures.  The Freecycle app allows people to give away their unwanted but reusable stuff to people in their local community who can use the items.  Post items to give away or make requests for items on this convenient app.
  • Shop greener. Have you ever wished there was a good guide that helped determine which products were safe, healthy and environmentally friendly?  Meet the GoodGuide app, which allows users to scan products’ barcodes on their smartphone to access science-based ratings and scores based on these criteria. Information on more than 170,000 items is available, broken down into different categories such as food, cleaning products and baby items.


Have old phones you want to recycle this month? Learn more about the U.S. Cellular Trade-in program information.   What are some of your family’s favorite ways to go green.





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