5 Tips for Going Green This Earth Day w/ Your Kids from @DanielTigerTV and @PBSKids

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Looking for additional resources to help explain going green, recycling and Earth Day?   This April 22, neighbors from across the country and around the world will celebrate Earth Day to show their support for the environment and there are some easy things you can do with your preschooler to get them started on a life of being more environmentally friendly.

Here are some easy suggestions, inspired by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and The Fred Rogers Company, to help you and your family “Go Green” with Daniel Tiger this Earth Day – and beyond!

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle! – Encourage your child to help sort out recyclables and match them up with the appropriate bins. Get creative with “throwaways” by turning them into a craft project, helping to teach them how recycling and conservation works at the same time. For example, try creating a toy vehicle from an empty milk carton!


  • Ease up on the electricity! – Remembering to turn off the light when leaving a room isn’t always so easy, especially for a little tiger. Help your child create a “Lights Out” bulb-shaped sign as a reminder and post it near light switches. And don’t forget to unplug chargers from the wall when not in use to save even more electricity.


  • Zap the tap! – Remind your child to turn off the water while soaping up their hands and turn it back on to rinse them. When cleaning paint brushes, swish them in a cup or jar, instead of holding the brushes under running water for a long period of time.


  • Go for a walk! – Spring provides the perfect excuse to get outdoors. Encourage the whole family to take a break from screen time and play outside. If possible, plan a walking or biking trip to your destination and enjoy the fresh air together along the way!


  • Bring your own bag! – Bring along reusable shopping bags when going grocery shopping. Keep a supply of bags on hand so you don’t forget to bring them on your next shopping trip. And involve your preschooler in helping to pack up the items in your Earth-friendly bags, so they’ll be doing their part in protecting the planet, too!


Happy Earth Day!

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  1. nicole dz says:

    We always reuse old junk & stuff and turn it into something new, as another word upcycle! It amazing how something you would throw out could be used in another way.

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