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Tips for Moving With Children



This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean. All opinions, boxes moved and cleaning done are completely and totally my own. 


Whew!  What a month we’ve had here at Two Kids and a Coupon!  We’ve just finished up a big move from one part of the state to another and after a month in a hotel, selling one house, putting everything in storage and moving everything into our new home we are finally, finally home! We are glad our moving adventure has come to an end and while we swear we are never moving again, we know it may very well happen someday. If you’re also getting ready to move with children, here are some tips.

Talk About It

Moving is scary and stressful for grownups, and even more so for kids. Talk about it together as a family and have age appropriate conversations with your kids about what is happening and why. While you don’t have to tell them every detail, involve them in the process and help make them feel included in the decisions and happening.

Give Kids Some Control

While your kids may not be able to control the fact that your family is moving, give them some ownership over other factors of the process. We purchased a special suitcase for each of our kids and it was their responsibility to pack their special stuffed “friends” for our temporary housing accommodations as we were travelling back and forth for many weeks. We also let them help pack some of their possessions which helped reassure them that we were indeed taking their toys and beloved things with us and not leaving them behind.


Be Prepared

Unless your new home is well, brand new, chances are someone has lived in it before. If you’re like me, not only are you excited about getting your new living space looking great, but you also want to get your home clean and free of any germs or residue left behind from the previous occupants. Have available (and clearly marked so you can find them) a wide variety of cleaning supplies, so that you can get to work right away before you start putting items away. One of the items I put to good use this weekend was Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle. It helped make a difference in doing some major wipe downs in several rooms including my master bath which has a large tile shower and Jacuzzi tub. Two and a half times stronger than regular all-purpose cleaners, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Crisp Lemon Multi-Purpose Cleaner penetrates dirt and lifts it away. You can dilute it in water or apply directly to a sponge or surface for easy cleaning and the easy to use cap makes sure you don’t waste a single drop.

Other essentials to pack and have handy are a tool box for assembling beds and other furniture, toilet paper (do I really need to explain that one, LOL), paper plates, glasses and silverware, phone chargers, batteries, and a couple pots and pans if you plan to cook. I put these items in a special clear tote that I could easily identify in the midst of all the boxes and it was great to have some basics until we could find everything else.  We also had a bag for each child with their favorite items they couldn’t live without.


Do Your Best to Keep a Routine

While moving may throw your whole world outta whack for several weeks or more, for your family’s sake, do your best to keep a routine. Still eat meals together, even if it’s a picnic on the floor, keep bedtimes as consistent as possible and do your best to make time for each other. This will help keep your family together despite all the extra craziness going on in your life with boxes, houses and more.


Take Baby Steps

Much like everything else you do with kids, moving with children is overwhelming. However you don’t have to be totally unpacked overnight. Pack and unpack as you can and plan ahead as possible. Make lists, label boxes and don’t hesitate to call in reinforcements to help you out for moving assistance or just much needed baby sitting for a night out if needed.


What are your tips for moving with children?


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  1. It was great to meet you at the gardens tonight! We’re also dealing with a move. We haven’t had to transition to a house yet, but, based on our experience so far, I’d say keeping them busy helps a LOT. There’s a lot of change going on, and setting aside time to do things as a family makes the transition less scary.

    • Thanks for stopping by Becky. It was great meeting you and your family too! Looking forward to reading your blog and hoping you get the closing date for your house VERY soon! :)

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