3 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom w/ Recycled Tin Cans

how to organize your bathroom


Bathroom organization is key to keeping a bathroom de-cluttered. It is one of the smallest, and most frequently used, rooms in your home, so keeping the free of unnecessary items and keeping the necessary products stored properly is key in keeping the whole room neat and tidy. If you are looking for ways to organize your bathroom inexpensively, check out these tips on how to do it with old tin cans.

Toothpaste holders

Decorate the outside of a cleaned out tin can with waterproof paper, colorful duct tape, or some other waterproof item of your choosing. Use this as a decorative toothpaste holder on your counter. Many are large enough that they can hold the roll of toothpaste, too, and multiple toothbrushes. Plus, it’s customized to suit your decorating needs.

Medicine cabinet dividers

Label the outsides of several cleaned out tin cans with “prescription,” “ointments,” “lotions,” “pills” and so on and then place these items in the cans. If they are expired, toss them out to save room. This will help you easily locate the products you need when you need them without having to shuffle through your entire cabinet to find them. You can stack them to save even more space when you need it.
Loose products holder

If you are like most people you have ponytail holders, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and a whole host of other “loose products” just lying around. Like the medication dividers, label the outside of tin cans to reflect what will be in the can and use them to place these items in a secure location where you can easily find them. If you normally store them under your sink or behind a closed door, try using a cabinet divider to hold them. Simply mount the rack to the inside of the door, ensuring it will close round the shelves, and place the cans in it for easy storage and use.


  1. I love love this idea. I love upcycling! I just did a post on 6 ways to use a Pringles can! Visit me soon to check it out!

  2. nicole dz says:

    you can also use them for cotton balls & q-tip holders!

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