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Digestive System Balance #shop

The new year is here an like many of you, I’m working on my resolutions. I’m working out more, I’m dieting, and I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Losing a close family member at a young age last fall was a wake up call that I really need to take better care of myself. In addition to diet and exercise I’m also taking vitamins and I’ve also recently added a natural probiotic to my diet.


I have to admit, other than the fact that my doctor recommended it and that I saw it ALL the time on TV, I wasn’t really quite sure what a probiotic was, or why I even needed one. I had seen the commercials and Dr. Oz talk about them, and I knew they were a good thing, however I decided I had better do some research online and learn some more myself about digestive system balance, and why a natural probiotic is doctor recommended.

Now it’s not really a secret, but I have the big 4-0 birthday coming next, oh wait THIS year, and as part of being a certain age it turns out your body doesn’t work the same way that it used to and in particular, your digestive system. As you age (and also during times of stress which also apply to me now!) your body doesn’t make all the good bacteria you need for your digestive system to work the way it needs to, and this can cause issues like bloating, constipation, gas and other general yuckiness.


InSync Probiotic #Shop

After a holiday season of lots of holiday cheer an way too many treats an sweets, I admit, my digestive system has not been my best friend. I’ve been feeling tired, bloated and sick since all our holiday gatherings, and it was perfect timing for me to try out a natural probiotic from the folks at InSync.



InSync Probiotic

I was asked to go to my local Hy-Vee store (a grocery chain for those of you not in the Midwest) and purchase Insync Probiotics and over the last couple weeks I’ve been taking them regularly as part of a healthier diet and exercise as part of my New Year’s resolutions to treat my body better inside and out.

Digestive System Balance #Shop

Since I’ve been taking Insync for the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed I feel a lot less discomfort, bloating and far less tummy troubles than I normally experience (which is normally a lot!).

Doctor Recommended

I usually retain a lot of water during a particular time of month and I didn’t have that problem this time thanks to Insync and I’m going to going to continue it as part of my healthier diet an lifestyle for the new year. Just one little pill a day has made me more regular and feeling much better so that I can work on my other New Year’s resolutions of diet and exercise.


To learn more about Insync Probiotic visit www.insyncprobiotic.com. You can also follow them on Twitter at @insyncprobiotic and on Facebook at www.Facebook/insyncprobiotic.





  1. I’m so glad that you are noticing changes already and this is encouraging me to try them as well. I’m getting a lot closer to the big 4-0 as well and I want to feel great! #client

  2. We are both going to be 40 this year! You are right that health needs to be a priority! #client

  3. I’m 59 and my Doctor recommended Insync. Been taking it for only a few days and I’ve noticed a difference already.
    Wish I knew about this years ago- if it were even made then.

  4. Susan Belles says:

    I just bought Insync today because as I was grabbing my son’s probiotics I stumbled across a coupon for $5 off, to top it off there was a box with a bonus of 15 caplets (on top of the 30 already in the box)! Since my son is set on his brand I figured I’d give it a try! Since I’m going to be turning 29 for the 23rd year straight I figured it sure couldn’t hurt! 😉 lol… Thank you for the review, makes me happier to give these a try! :)

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