24 Free Music Song Downloads from Amazon’s Artists to Watch




Looking for some great new songs to add to your playlist? Amazon has some great new free music downloads from 24 new Artists to Watch.  Scroll down half way down the page to check out the complete list and to pick and choose which ones you’d like.


  1. Between me, Chad, and our kids, we are always looking for good music. I like finding new stuff, but sometimes the new stuff that they have free is kinda weird! LOL Especially on iTunes. We just loaded up on a bunch from Google Play. They had several top musicians on their free list for the holidays. I’m going to check out Amazons and see if they have anything we would like. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, sometimes the free stuff is a bit out there, but I always figure if it’s free, it’s no big loss and you can always delete. It’s no big loss and always fun to have new stuff for the playlist and you might just find something cool you never knew existed! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I was just updating my iPod for a trip I am taking this weekend – I will have to check out this page to see if there is anything else I’d like to add – gotta love free music!

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