Save $5 off a $10 Purchase at Hallmark




If you’re headed to Hallmark for last minute holiday goodies, cards, gift wrap or more, be sure to register to receive this $5 of a $10 purchase at Hallmark.

This offer does require that you link your credit card and is part of Linkable, which is a service where you link up your credit card, Debit Card or Paypal and based on your spending habits, they offer you money saving coupons. Nothing is charged, it‘s a just a simple and convenient way to take advantage of advertisers’ online and offline promotions, with no coupons to clip and no paperwork after you shop. Offers can be used online and offline just by using your credit or debit card.




  1. I thought that card stores like Hallmark were going to slowly disappear the way Blockbuster has, but Hallmark is still opening new locations. They have found a way around email and are still thriving.

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