Creating With Kids – Construction Paper Chain Garland




One of our holiday traditions every December is to always make a paper chain garland. It’s easy to do and is simple for even younger kids to assist, and it’s a fun activity to do indoors while you’re counting down the days for Santa to arrive.  It’s also a festive way to decorate your home for any visitors coming over for the upcoming holidays. If you’ve never made one before, here’s how to get started.


  • Scissors (kid-friendly)
  • Assorted colors of paper
  • Glue Stick (More than one if you are doing this with multiple children)





  • Cut paper into long strips about an inch wide
  • Using the glue stick, add glue to one end.
  • Attach other end making a link.
  • Hook other links together making a chain.




If you have a preschooler or early elementary student, this is a fun project to practice using scissors, cutting and gluing. You can stick with traditional holiday colors like we did, or get more festive and add in more colors. This is also fun to do with newspapers and magazines to add in lots of other colors, and you can do it at other times of the year as well.




This is also a great exercise in practicing counting for young ones, and we’ve been using these with my four year old to help him practice counting to 50.  After you get your chain assembled, be sure to display it somewhere proudly, whether you hang it on your tree, drape it as garland or hang it somewhere else.

We hung ours on our staircase and even our elf on the shelf got in on the fun!

What are some of the holiday crafts your family likes to make together?


  1. Tracie Trump says:

    Loved making these as a kid and I would love to share this tradition with my nieces

  2. My boys did something like this in school as a countdown for Christmas.

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