5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

Gift ideas for teachers

It’s the giving time of year, and if you’re on a budget you are probably thinking of ways to give to those that are important in your life while saving some cash. It can be a challenge, but one person that doesn’t have to be hard to buy for is your child’s teacher. Here are some great gift ideas for teachers, and most come in under $20.

Coffee and a Smile

Find a cute mug that is guaranteed to make your child’s teacher laugh or smile, and fill it with chocolate and a gift card to a great coffee shop (local gift cards are best). Make sure the card covers at least two coffees. This is a nice way of remembering the one who teaches your child without going overboard.

A Brand New Bag

Teachers carry a lot of stuff, and most of it is related to school work. Papers to grade, pens and pencils, folders and more- it can all be overwhelming. Buy the teacher in your life a new bag to carry and organize all of these items. You can even get some that are personalized to make it truly unique.

Classroom supplies

This may not sound like a fun gift to give or get, but it really is quite practical. Many school budgets have been cut, and most teachers buy supplies out of pocket. Give some of that back by buying the school supplies the teacher needs or by giving a gift card to a store where he or she can buy the supplies.

A Classroom Picture

Get all of the kids together (ask another teacher for help on this is you need) and take a great class photo. Then, have the picture printed and put in a nice frame. You can even have it printed on canvas and dated for the teacher to keep for years to come.

A Basket of Oh-So-Sweet Goodies

Bake the teacher some apple muffins, banana bread, and cinnamon raisin cookies. Place them all in a gift basket and fill the basket with apple shaped sticky notes, fruit shaped magnets, and an apple scented candle. It will be a cute theme with items he or she can use, and a few treats he or she can enjoy after a long day of teaching little ones.


What gifts do you give the teachers in your life?


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