5 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas Under $10




Marking off your Christmas list and keeping some cash in your pocket never seemed easier with the amount of inexpensive gifts available these days. If you’re looking for some great gifts for under $5, check out these that can quickly fill out the bottom of your Christmas tree and knock items off your gift-giving list.



Have you seen the number of inexpensive bins of movies in retail stores? There are dozens of titles from classics to modern cartoons that you can pick up for $5 or less in many places. Package these with some popcorn or other snacks for the movie-lover on your list. Check out our round up of holiday movies for under $5 for some great gift ideas!


Board Games

Instead of thinking about all of the expensive electronic games you could get for your children, why not focus on the original family-fun night staple- board games! Many classic games are on sale this time of year and you can bring home some fun for around $10 a game. Search Amazon for board games under $10 and watch our printable coupons for the latest coupons to help you save on fun games for the whole family.


Picture Frames or Candles

If you have a person that you think is hard to buy for, try one of these gifts. Candles and picture frames always go to good use and you can pick up a few of them at the Dollar Tree and package them together for a full and nice gift. Want to make your own? Check out our post on kids picture frames crafts ideas for tips on making your own!


Slippers or Socks

There’s nothing better than a comfort gift, and fuzzy socks or warm slippers are definitely comfortable. You can pick up a few pairs of socks or a nice pair of slippers for $5 or less, or you can add in a hat or some gloves, too, to make it a gift full of warm thoughtfulness.


Sweet Tooth Baskets

Bags of candy, cookies in a jar, brownies, slices of cake, and other sweet treats can all be made or packaged together to make a basket fit for any sweet-tooth you have on your gift list. Wrap each gift in a pretty package and place them all in a pretty basket topped with a bow to make an impression on a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

What are some of your favorite gifts under $10 to give on a budget?


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    board games are great! especially with kids today and technology

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