5 Easy DIY Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you’re looking to save money on Christmas gifts you’re probably looking into do-it-yourself projects, but have you considered DIY stocking stuffer gifts? If you have never thought about making stocking stuffer presents, check out these simple, unique DIY projects that may change your mind and help out your budget.

Book marks

For the book lover on your list, make them a personalized and trendy book mark. One of the simplest ways to do this is by attaching thick ribbon to the end of a cluster of pompoms. Glue the pompoms together and then glue the ribbon to the pompoms. Then, add the recipient’s name to the ribbon with fabric paint. You could also try painting a thin wooden slat (25 cents at a craft store) with the recipient’s name or a cute design. Old paint sticks, cut down and painted, also make great book marks.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

If you have a coffee lover on your list this is a great gift idea for them. Make a coffee cup sleeve from an old sweatshirt or scraps of fabric. If you use a sweatshirt, which is the easiest, cut the arm down to size, hem up the edges, and paint a personalized message on it in fabric paint. You can even embellish the sleeve by using jewels or studs to make it really stand out and unique.



You can make magnets out of just about any small object you can find. If you have someone that loves all things vintage, visit the thrift shop for old thimbles, cool buttons and broken pieces of jewelry. Or, buy inexpensive flatware and paint the ends in vibrant colors, like orange or mint green. Then, attach magnets to the back of your objects for some funky refrigerator decorations that are sure to be a hit.

Filled candy dishes

Save old pasta sauce glass jars and paint them with glass paint, wrap them in ribbon and glue the ribbon in place, coat them in wallpaper like wrapping a gift, or decorate them in any way you please! Fill the jar with different types of candy (homemade is the best, but store-bought works, too) and you have an oh-so-sweet DIY gift that cost next to nothing AND reuses old materials.

Personalized and unique ornaments

Ornaments are always a hit, not matter if you wrap them up or put them in a stocking. There are many ways to make ornaments. You can buy old objects in a thrift store, clean them up, and run ribbon through them to hang on a tree. You can also buy a plain glass ornament (about 60 cents) and fill in with water and fake snow for a snow globe ornament, or you can place little trinkets in the glass to personalize it for the person receiving the gift. Wooden and ceramic ornaments can be painted, or you can bake your own with hundreds of recipes found online. The options for this are truly endless, leaving you with a plethora of unique ideas.


  1. i like the Coffee Cup Sleeves idea

  2. I love homemade ornaments from elementary school…why not keep making them! Great ideas.

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