3 Workouts to Help Fight Holiday Weight Gain

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It’s the most fattening time of the year- and for good reason! The food- all that amazing, delicious, high-calorie food- is just so hard to refuse. If you want to indulge, take a look at these three simple workouts that will keep you healthier in the holidays, even if you are enjoying your feasts to the fullest. Also, remember to never skip meals just because you want to save room for that large dinner. This slows your metabolism! And don’t forget to drink water to help keep your metabolism running smoothly. Finally, try these workouts in the morning. This will help keep your metabolism boosted throughout the day, even as you indulge.



The best way to combat fat is to do cardio. Even if you do daily cardio, bump it up! Go for a 30 minute walk every morning to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. If you’re stuck inside because of winter weather, dance, jog in place, do aerobics, or find a cardio activity you can enjoy indoors and do it for 30 minutes each morning. Not only will this kick-start your heart and metabolic process, but it will make you feel more energetic throughout the day. Eat within one hour of doing this type of workout in the morning.


Crunches and Sit-ups

Yes, they are two separate exercises, but no they don’t count as two different workouts. Do them both! Start with 15 crunches, and then do 10 sit-ups. Rest for one minute. Repeat twice. This will help kill some of the belly bulge you experience during the holidays and winter months. Do this exercise in the morning and at night. It takes about 10 minutes to complete properly, and that’s ten minutes you can definitely spare for that… um, spare tire.


Squats and Lunges

Just like crunches and sit-ups, these need to be done together and take about 10 minutes, twice a day. Do 15 squats, then 10 lunges (five per leg). Repeat twice. This will keep your legs and booty looking good as you bounce from house to house spreading goodwill, cheer, and calories.


More Tips

Other tips to help with holiday weight gain include not eating after 8 p.m. and breaking meals down into sections. When you eat after 8 p.m. you ruin your metabolism. Eating smaller snacks and portions allows your brain time to tell you you’re full, which leads to less over eating. Finally, do simple things like take the stairs at work, or park five spaces back at the mall for that extra walking time. These little things really do add up and will help you stay healthy throughout the most indulgent time of the year.


What are your tips to avoid holiday weight gain?


  1. Julie Wood says:

    I never eat after 8 pm, and I did skip lunch a few days because of the extra calories, but that is not good. I gave myself one day of overindulging, but after that I go back to my healthy diet. But walking really helps me to keep in shape. I do need to add other exercises. You have get tips here for Fighting Holiday weight gain.

  2. I workout every day and squats & lunges are HUGE calorie burners.

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