3 Ways to Have an Affordable & Fun New Year’s Eve

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If you’re lucky enough to get an adult night out this New Year’s Eve- lucky you! But if you’re trying to save money, you may be a bit stressed trying to budget everything. Don’t let a tight budget ruin your fun! Instead, check out these great tips to keep your New Years Eve celebrations on a dime.

Clip Coupons

You probably already do this and know many great websites you can look to for discounts and coupons, but don’t forget to check out local places, too. Many will be trying to lure people in by offering great deals all day long, so check out their Facebook pages and other social media sites, and don’t forget the Sunday and Wednesday newspapers, where the majority of coupons are placed. Just like you plan a shopping trip around the coupons you have, you can plan a nice night out around the great deals you find and save some major cash while still enjoying your evening.  Other great placed to get printable coupons include Coupons.com Smart SourceRedplumGrocery Coupon Network and for dining out deals be sure to check Groupon.

Save on The Food

Aside from having coupons to get you great deals, you should also choose a place that doesn’t cost $100 a person for food. You can choose a decent restaurant that offers an appetizer and meal combination for $20, or choose one that caters to couples and offers two full meals for $50 or less. Local restaurants will probably offer the best deals on the food, but if you want to go to a fancier place with a higher price tag, eat something before you go out and just order an appetizer. You could just skip the appetizer, though (that saves you at least $10 and about 500 calories) and go straight to ordering an entree. Stick with water and save your cash for drinks at another venue. Restaurants are notorious for jacking up the prices of alcoholic beverages, especially this time of the year.

Spend Less and Get More

To keep your New Year’s Eve safe, have a designated driver (if you are the designated driver, you are about to save huge amounts of money on the alcohol portion of the night and many bars even give free sodas and water to those acting as DD) and limit yourself to only a few drinks. Pace yourself with the drinks, and order only about one drink per hour. Don’t order shots, as they are expensive and go down quickly, which leaves you wanting another right away. Mixed drinks and beer are the cheapest options and they allow you time to sip a drink and be social. Also, many bars will offer some type of deal on a signature drink or two, and they will hold happy hours that last 15 minutes to an hour, where they will have shot, drink, and beer specials in which you can get drinks for much cheaper than their normal prices.




  1. Julie Wood says:

    These are very good ideas about how to save money this New Years. I like about eating an entree at the restaurant, and I always pass on the soda or other drinks because they cost a lot. I like going to a place that is family friendly that we have in our Town every year called First Night. It is a really inexpensive way to spend the New Years Eve.

    • I almost always skip buying a drink at the restaurant and just go with water. It’s tons cheaper and saves a lot of money. Be sure to check out restaurant coupons section too for all the latest coupons and join e-mail clubs before you go for free appetizers and other discount coupons just for signing up.

  2. We have no plans at all this year, so I think we’re just going to order Chinese and watch movies with the kids.

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