@rickshawbags – When Holiday Shopping, Does Green Manufacturing Impact Your Purchase?


 This post was brought to you by Rickshaw Bags.  All opinions and searches for green holiday gift ideas are completely and totally my own. 
This year as we’re doing our holiday shopping, a lot of us will be keeping our loved ones wishes, prices and appropriateness in mind when picking gifts. But when you’re doing your holiday shopping, do you keep in mind how green the products are and how they are made?


While you might look for a things like a Made in the U.S.A. label when you’re buying a holiday gift, choosing locally made items or locally crafted items can help stimulate stimulate our local  communities. Choosing green gifts, or environmentally sustainable gifts can be better for the environment and also minimize the environmental impact your gift has when it’s manufactured.


Thanks to the internet, everywhere is now a local market and we’re now able to buy local worldwide and some great companies who practice sustainable manufacturing for goods are able to sell to a mass market and provide great gift ideas that you can buy and put under your tree this holiday season.


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One company that’s making a difference with their manufacturing practices is Rickshaw Bagworks. They make stylish, fun, and functional bags that you can use daily out of a special fabric created from recycled beverage bottles and finished with an eco-friendly, stain-resistant coating. This makes their product sustainable and durable, as well as keeping the water bottles out of environment. The Rickshaw production process is specifically designed so that it doesn’t waste any fabric in the product of bags and they design each bag on custom order so that everyone gets what they want and nothing is wasted. Not only do they have a fun assortment of bag totes, but Rickshaw also makes great portfolios, journals, bag accessories and more that are also produced from sustainable materials.



Rickshaw also works with local vendors for a variety of outside services including screen printing and embroidery and purchase a majority of their materials from domestic sources, and is striving to drive that number to 100%. They even do a lot of their local business by bicycle, how cool is that?




As Mark DwightFounder and CEO of Rickshaw Bagworks recently wrote on the Rickshaw Bagworks blog, he said “When I started Rickshaw, I was focused primarily on environmental sustainability — zero finished goods, zero waste, PVC-free, Cradle-To-Cradle — in a word, “green”.

While many companies claim to be green, and even abuse the green movement, Rickshaw focuses on a more artisan factor of their product. Their bags are each made individually, the same way you’d find handmade jewelry at a local farmer’s market by a local artisan, they’ve just expanded it on a bigger level to manufacturing bags that they sell worldwide. Rickshaw creates local jobs with the bags that are purchased and even opens up their factory to the public for tours and proudly shows and shares their environmentally friendly processes to anyone who wants to come visit. How any companies do you know invite their customers to come see how their products are actually made?


Here’s a video to check out to learn more:



For more information on Rickshaw Bagworks at www.rickshawbags.com. You can also follow them on Twitter at @rickshawbags and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rickshawbagworks.  To learn more about their green initiatives you can check out the great Inc. magazines here and here.


This year as we’re holiday shopping, I’ll be doing a little more research about the brands I buy from and how they do business. Does how a company manufacturers their products and their business practices impact your purchase decisions?  Leave a comment below!







  1. Those look really sturdy and well made. Always happy to support a US Based company, and a green one too :)

  2. I agree with that Karen too :)

    I like your ending statement about making smart decisions with holiday shopping. A little difference goes a long way.

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