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Couture Chocolate

Two Kids and a Coupon received a copy of Couture Chocolate for purposes of this review. All opinions and chocolate addictions are completely and totally our own. 


Looking for a holiday cookbook that’s good enough to eat? A new tasty new cookbook release, COUTURE CHOCOLATE celebrates all things chocolate just in time for the holidays with a great assortment of recipes — of course for all things chocolate. Here’s a little bit about it.


The new book, COUTURE CHOCOLATE [Jacqui Small LLP, October 2013, $29.95 US / $32.95 CAN], is a celebration of and master class in working with chocolate, written by one of the world’s most award-winning chocolatiers. Author William Curley will have your mouth watering and your hands itching to get to work on one of the many chocolate creations within. Inside readers will find:

  • Truffles and couture chocolates infused with classic and original ingredients such as Japanese black vinegar, lemon-grass & ginger, apricot & wasabi and sea salt caramel.
  • Unique insight into the world of the master technician, with recipes tailored for the home cook to create chocolate bars and bites, bouchées, patisseries, and cakes and biscuits.
  • Exquisite ingredients and stunning photography that elevate the process of chocolate making to an art.
  • Chocolate-making techniques that are illuminated with step-by-step photography as well as inside knowledge from a chocolatier par excellence. 

COUTURE CHOCOLATE examines the origins of one of the world’s most popular foods—explaining the method of creating chocolate, how its quality depends to a large extent on the variety of bean used, and the differences between plain, milk and white chocolates. In the chocolate master class, William shares his techniques and recipes, starting with the basics: tempering and making a bar of chocolate; advice on how to add exotic flavors like rosemary or raspberry; and introducing different textures. Once those skills have been mastered, it’s time to tackle some of his incredible creations.


Growing up in the Mid-West, we always made candy.  We made popcorn balls and divinity. We made chocolates and caramels, and when I say we, I mean my parents.  Since I left home, I don’t do much candy making.  One reason is because it intimidates me.  This week I got the book Couture Chocolate written by William Curley.  The cover and pages are a work of art in themselves, but inside you will find the most interesting list of ingredients you have ever seen if you are just an ordinary Midwestern mom like me.  Japanese black vinegar is one I never new existed.  But don’t let that scare you.  Couture Chocolate might not be for beginners, but it isn’t just for the pros either.  There are drinks, breads and cookies and bars that will for sure impress you and your friends.  You have an opportunity to really try some unique ingredients and show off what you are really made of.  What better time of the year to start doing that but now?  Nobody’s diet starts til Jan. 1st anyway, and you already are going to be baking and giving a way a lot of treats.   Try it out.  I bet you will surprise yourself. With the direction you get from William Curley, you too can bring chocolate to life.  You’ll also realize why this book Couture Chocolate won the Cookery book of the Year for 2012.

COUTURE CHOCOLATE is now available at retailers near you and you can also order from Amazon here.



  1. Warning: don’t eat the book. Sounds fabulous.

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