5 Fun Christmas Tree Craft Ideas for a Child’s Room

Christmas Tree Craft Ideas

For many people, Christmas is all about the spirit of a child and how excited kids get when it’s time to set up the tree and get ready for Old Saint Nick. If you have considered putting a Christmas tree in your child’s room, but you are worried about the lights and ornaments being a safety hazard, check out these five Christmas tree ideas that will have you thinking differently.


Christmas Tree 1
Paper Tree Mural
Is your preschooler or elementary student learning their shapes and how to use scissors? A great project is to create a Christmas tree mural using construction paper on their wall in their room. Cut out a simple tree by piecing sheets of green construction paper together and then help them trace or draw shapes and cut them out using age appropriate scissors. Then glue or tape the ornaments to the mural to decorate their own tree and stand back to admire their results.


Magnetic Tree 
Cut a Christmas tree out of thin wood and paint it with magnetic paint. Make ornaments out of plastic pieces, felt, and cardboard and glue magnetic strips to the back of the ornaments. Allow your children to decorate their tree as they wish. Hang it on the wall and let them have fun moving the pieces around whenever they want!


Lego Tree
Get Lego blocks or other blocks and build a tree with your children. Place it on a table and put fabric around the bottom for a tree skirt, then add stickers to it for ornaments. If the tree falls apart from little hands touching it, you simply put it back together. This can also be done with wooden stacking blocks.
Coke Bottle Tree
Take clear soda bottles or green Sprite bottles and make a tree from them, using hot glue to hold them in place. Start with the center of the tree, then “branch” out with the bottles, even cutting them in half if you need to get the desired look. Glue ornaments cut from felt or thin poster board onto them. The fun of this tree is letting your kids decorate their own ornaments and reusing plastic. They can use just about any lightweight material to make ornaments the way they wish. You can put the tree in a clay flower pot and cover the pot with fabric for a tree skirt.


Cardboard Box Trees
You can make trees from old cardboard boxes and have a grove or multiple trees instead of just one. Cut the shapes of the tree from boxes and make the trunks from old toilet paper or paper towel rolls. You can group them together and have kids paint them and/or hang felt, poster board, fabric, and cardboard ornaments on them. To help them stand upright, place them in old tin cans weighted down with rocks.


What Christmas tree crafts have you made with your kids?


  1. Lego tree…great idea. I know a few kiddies that would love that.

  2. We just moved into a new apt and my daughter has been looking for holiday decorating ideas!

  3. Ooooh, I want to make a lego tree with my boys! Fun idea.

  4. great ideas!

  5. Sandra VanHoey says:

    Great ideas and I love the Lego one. My grandson loves laying with these and this would be so much fun for him

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