4 Tips to Help Your Kids Better Understand Their Homework

Help Your Kids With Their Home Homework


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Has homework time become a time of struggles at your house? Do your kids drag their feet and put off getting it done?  Whether you’re homeschooling your children or just trying to give your kids some extra support on their studies and homework that they bring home from the classroom, here are are some tips to help make homework time easier.


Set Routine
Whether it’s always right after school, before dinner or after the dishes and evening meal is done, set a regular routine for when your child is expected to do their homework and stick to it. Turn off the TV, cell phones, video games and other distractions until papers and projects are completed, and if necessary take steps like turning off your wi-fi router or confiscating cell phones to make sure older kids are working on homework and not goofing around online.


Encourage Hands On
Sometimes the best way to learn something is to be able to touch it, and to see how it fits together in regards to other things. Anatomy models and systems can help your kids better understand how the different organs and systems fit together.


Let Your Fingers do the Surfing 
The internet is a fantastic research tool, and if your kids have questions on how things work, help them research the answers. From videos to diagrams and pictures, you’re bound to find some great resources to use.

Do Your Own Homework
As your kids get older, it might not be as easy to help them with homework as what it used to be. Don’t be afraid to brush up on your own math, spelling, science and other skills and learn alongside your children.



What are your tips for making homework time easier?



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  1. The stuff that my 4th grader comes home with is HARD. I swear we weren’t doing stuff that hard when we were that age lol.

  2. I think the first point you make about routine and setting a time for homework is vital. This way there’s no fuss made each day and it just becomes habit and something the child can expect. For younger children, I think it’s so important to be there with your child, even if you’re in the background doing some cleaning. If they know you’re around to help, it will help them feel more secure.

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