30 Ways to Encourage The Kids in Your Life

Encourage Your Kids


One of the most important things we can do as parents is give our children the confidence and encouragement they need to pursue their hopes and their dreams. Recently I asked Two Kids and a Coupon readers what you do to encourage the kids in your life and here’s what you said!

1. Steve W. says:
I just encourage them in whatever they are interested in.

2.Bernie says:
I encourage them to not let other people discourage them from achieving their dreams.

3.Julie Lynn B. says:
I encourage them by always standing by them and helping them achieve their goals.

4. D SCHMIDT says:
I try to inspire them and boost their confidence in themselves to be anything they want to be.

5. Kimberly says:
I encourage my kids to try everything, then pursue the things they love.

6.Julia says:
Right now we let them try the things they are interested in doing

7. Will G says:
I try to instill confidence in them by telling them they have the ability to succeed.

8. Kellie C. says:
I have them write their goals down and draw a picture to make it tactile! I always encourage them to do their best and show them that I have confidence in them :)

9. Stephen N. says:
Give them confidence

10. Jen says:
My girls are little, so the most important thing I do is to let them dream as big as they can. My oldest wants to be a rock star and a mom — go for it baby!

11. Todd Lovessweeps says:
Just encourage them as much as I can and make them understand that their dreams are important.

12. Andrea W. says:
I encourage them to try new things and not be afraid to fail. Eventually they will find what works for them and what they are good at.

13. Heather H. says:

I Encourage The Kids To Try New Things, Dream Big And Enjoy What They Are Passionate About!

14. Sara D. says:
I tell them that all they need to do is their best! No one can ask more than that!

15. Rachel R. says:

I tell my son to dream big.

16. Keith W says:
Tell them that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

17. Michelle C says:
I help them find additional information about any topic they happen to be interested in.

18. June S. says:
I had always told my children to follow your dreams, and never be afraid to try something new.

19. Candice H. says:
We always celebrate the “failures” as much as the victories. If they put themselves out there and try their hardest, that is worth celebrating no matter what the result

20. Natalie Y says:
Let them believe in anything they can do

21. Carolsue says:
I just tell them that they can be whatever they want to be, it just might take some hard work on their part.

22. Wendy r. says:
I always encourage them to follow their dreams

23. Rebecca P. says:
Always tell them dreams are unlimited if you let them be. To always follow what they feel is right and they will be unstoppable!

24. Liz N says:
I help them find out new things about their goals when they ask.

25. Debbie j. says:
I encourage them to try things and praise even small successes.

26. Rhonda C. says:
we help them accomplish what they have set out to accomplish!

27. Mandy says:
I encourage them in whatever they want to do!

28. Heather says:
I encourage them to have dreams and to work towards them daily.

29. Kristy says:
I encourage all of their dreams, regardless of how realistic others think they are. I was always told I could do anything as long as I tried hard enough and believe that to this day – my children hear the same from me :)

30. Shawn says:
I encourage them to dream big & work hard


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  1. Awesome list. I think praise for even the small thing is huge!

  2. Amazing ideas- good advice from everyone. I’ll be sharing this on facebook! Thanks!

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