8 Trick or Treat Safety Tips for Halloween

Trick or Treat Safety Tips


Getting the kids ready for trick-or-treat? We’re still deciding on costumes here at Two Kids and a Coupon, since the kids can’t decide this year, but we’ve only got a short time left with several Halloween events in our area. Before you head out to get some treats with your little ghosts and goblins, here are some tips to keep everyone safe.


  • Safety Check: While dressing up is fun to do, it’s important to be safe too. Since trick or treat takes place after dark in most cities, make sure costumes fit well, and there is nothing hanging loose or that will cause a tripping or safety hazard. Make sure your children can see out of masks and have your kids try on their masks ahead of time in case alterations are needed. If necessary cut larger eye holes to increase visibility, and hem or pin costumes to help keep them from dragging on the ground.
  • Dress for the Weather: While costumes and dressing up is fun, you also want to stay warm and dry too. Make sure your kids are dress appropriate for the temperature and have on comfortable shoes that they can walk in. This can save you from having to head home early. For small children who might not be able to walk distances yet, you may want to also bring a stroller or wagon to help saving aching mom and dad backs.
  • Check Their Bags: In addition to swiping a few chocolate bars for the parent tax of walking the kids around the neighborhood, be sure you inspect candy and treats before anyone is allowed to enjoy. Toss any treats that are homemade or not factory sealed unless you know exactly where they came from and if your kids have food allergies or restrictions, make sure they understand any rules.
  • Clear a Path: If you’ll be leaving a light on and having trick-or-or treaters at your own home, be sure sure to have your walkway and stairs clear and well lit for lots of little ghouls and boys. If necessary rake up leaves or move other items to clear a path, or even add Halloween themed luminaries to light the way.
  • Talk About Stranger Danger: Many homes are decorated inside and out for Halloween and some adults may invite children in to check out decorations or to come in for treats. Be sure to talk to your children about strangers and how it is important not to go inside strange homes, or leave with people they do not know. Also if your child is old enough to trick or treat with friends (and without you) be sure to talk about what to do if strangers approach and give them problems.
  • Halloween Treats are For People Only: Does your four legged family member beg for treats or start doing tricks? Be sure to talk to kids about why animals can’t have Halloween treats. Save the trick or treat candy for people and give your furry friends pet treats instead.
  • Big Kids Going in Groups? Make sure you know exactly where they are going, when they will be home and who they will be with. Kids should never trick or treat on their own under any circumstances and should always have a set plan that parents are aware of. If possible, send them with a cell phone so that they can check in with phone calls or texts along the way.
  • Watch for Traffic – In addition to watching for cars, teach your kids to always cross at corners or crosswalks instead of darting back and forth across the street. If possible also add reflective strips to their clothing to help cars spot them them in the dark as well.

Stay safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Great tips, especially the one that candy is for people–that’s one reminder I hadn’t thought to give.

  2. Thank you for the tips. Remember when the world used to be more safe… It’s scary how things have changed.

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