4 Ways to Use Video Games to Bring Your Family Together



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The cold fall weather has moved in here in Iowa, and with temperatures dipping into the 30’s, we’re starting to become more limited on how much time we can spend playing outside here at Two Kids and a Coupon. While weather doesn’t allow us to play together outdoors as a family much in the late fall and weather here in our state, we do have lots of fun ways to stay active indoors and one of our favorites is playing video games together.

In the last few years, video games have changed big time. No longer just for gamers or teens, they’re now for every member of the family and recent technology with the Wii and XBOX Kinect make it easy for even little kids to play and to provide a superb video game experience. Video games are also no longer a sit down or solo activity, but can be active exercise and even team sports. Here’s 4 ways to use games to keep your family moving.


Today’s games give you a chance to dance to your favorite songs and play and interact with your favorite TV, sports and movie heroes right from your own home. You can wrestle Hulk Hogan, dance to the top country tunes or the kids can go on adventures with the latest from Disney Infinity without even leaving your living room.

Whether you play an exercise based game like Zumba or just have a dance off or competition on another favorite game, playing active video games together can be a great way to get exercise as a family — even health experts say so! Make the most out of the motion controlled controllers and get the family off the couch to participate in a dance-off, a tennis match, bowling or favorite sport. Many games can even help you monitor your family’s progress and you can include fun competitions and games into losing weight or just staying healthy.
Family Time
With a crazy work schedule for both myself and my husband, and my stepdaughter living part of the time in another state in with her mom, we don’t always get a lot of family time together. We can’t always go out and do things due to our budget, but it it’s always lots of fun at home to have competitions and game time together as a family. It doesn’t have to take long, even half an hour or an hour can be lots of fun and give your family time to play and reconnect. Play kids against grownups, boys against girls or whatever works and enjoy!
Yes, there is a cost to invest in a Wii, XBOX or other game system, but they are really pretty affordable, especially as we head into the holiday sales and Black Friday shopping.  You can often get them from different online retailers for as a little as $150 with a game included, and you can watch for for great deals on new and used games at your local and online retailers.


What types of games does your family like to play together?




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  1. We love using our Wii for games like Mario Party or Wii Bowling! It gets everyone involved and it’s fun family time together!

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