4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wine Gift For The Holidays

These tips are brought to you by invino. All opinions, gift giving advice and wine knowledge or lack thereof are completely and totally our own.

While I enjoy wine and even review it periodically here on Two Kids and a Coupon, when it comes to wine knowledge, I have to admit, I’m pretty much a novice. I can of course tell my reds from my whites (who couldn’t, huh, LOL!) and know enough to order off a menu in a restaurant or bar, that’s about the extent of my knowledge. When it comes to picking a great bottle of wine for myself, or for someone else, I usually don’t have a clue where to begin.

So if you’re a wine novice like me, how do you pick out the perfect wine gift for the holidays for someone who does actually know about wine without looking like a complete and total idiot? Here are some tips!

Ask an Expert
Most larger grocery stores, wine stores or liquor stores will have a knowledgeable staff member who can help make recommendations. Ask them for suggestion for what to purchase.

Bring Back a Local Wine
Traveling somewhere new and unique, consider bringing your friend or loved one a bottle of local wine to try from your trip. Just remember travel restrictions on liquids if you’re flying home from your trip.

Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better
Just because a bottle of wine has a high price tag, doesn’t necesarily mean it’s the best choice. There are lots of great budget wines that are affordable and that make a great gift. Ask the staff at your local wine or liquor store for recommendations.

Give a Club
If you’re not sure what type of wine that a friend or loved one enjoys, gifting them a wine club membership can be a great way to allow them to get high quality wines that they enjoy, without being stressed that you’re picking the wrong one. Experts pick selections for the members based on their individual tastes and it’s a great way for them to discover new wines they might not know about or never have had the opportunity to try.


What are your tips for giving wine for the holidays? 



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  1. Great tips. I never really gave wine as a gift before because I never knew what to get.

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