#Blogging – 6 Places to Promote Every Blog Post


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So, you just created and hit publish on an awesome blog post. The writing part might be done, but what are you going to do to promote it? Writing articles is just a small part of blogging and it’s important to spend time promoting your posts via social media as well. Here are my six favorite places to promote every blog post.


Twitter:  My preferred social media is Twitter and it’s usually the one I go to first to promote posts. It’s quick and easy, but it’s also the most temporary. With so many tweets in the tweet-o-sphere, it’s easy for a single tweet to get lost in the shuffle. Make sure to keep your tweets informative, interesting and to tweet often. You may want to consider scheduling tweets on the same topic out at increments so that you reach your audience at different times.

Facebook:  Promoting your blog via a Facebook can be a little more permanent than Twitter, but with recent changes, you also probably won’t reach all of your followers unless you make the cash investment in paid advertising. Stats on your account will let you know how many people are seeing your post and you’ll want to experiment with different times and ways of posting to see how you maximize the results.

Pinterest: For blog posts that have great images and offer readers tips, recipes, craft, how to’s or other great ideas, Pinterest might be a great place to promote your post.  It’s important to have a strong image for Pinterest, and I often create a special image with the photo and headline title just for Pinterest.


Google +:   I admit that I was a little slow to adopt Google +.  I was just figuring out Facebook and Twitter and, the format was a little tough to navigate and I wasn’t really sure why we needed it. I was wrong Google + is really important to helping each and every blog post find search engine success. Take time to build your circles and be sure to post your content here regularly.


StumbleUpon: While I’m still figuring out the world of StumbleUpon, this is definitely a place that drive a lot of traffic for blog posts that are evergreen content and don’t have a shelf life (not for limited time offers, giveaways or coupons). StumbleUpon is a great place to drive ongoing traffic for your how-to blog posts, your recipes, craft ideas and more. I have posts that have gotten tens of thousands of hits via StumbleUpon!  You do want to make sure you’re stumbling other posts other than your own and sharing great content from other bloggers.


Triberr:  I’ve been part of this unique Twitter sharing platform since the beginning. Triberr allows bloggers to partner up in “triber” with other bloggers and share each other’s content. This provides my Twitter followers with other great info, and also allows me to reach hundreds of thousands of additional potential readers through my other tribes. Triberr does take a bit of work, since it does require regular participation in approving each other’s posts, but it can provide nice results especially if drive a lot of Twitter traffic.


Where do you promote your blog  posts?


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  1. Great post. Some of these social media places I have never heard of before. Great way to expand your blog presence.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Good to be over at your blog :)

    Yes indeed, these are the main social networks where most of us should promote our blog posts, and I think most bloggers do. It is time consuming and takes a lot of patience as well, but the results are surely worth it I’d say. Pinterest I’d say is where your posts stay the longest, while G+ is pretty Google’s favorite :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  3. i’ve never heard of tribr, but i use all the others. also, joining a multi-user blog helps. those occasional posts really boost traffic.

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