5 Tech Tools to Help Make Saving Money Easier

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When you’re looking to save money, there’s lots of great tools to help you save save. While saving money using grocery coupons are obviously a great choice to get started, there’s more to couponing, to than just coupons. Here’s a few additional resources you’ll want to rely on to help you save.

One of the first things I realized when I started using coupons, is that there are tons of great blogs that can help you find the best place to use those coupons. Not only do you want to use the coupon to save money, but you want to use it at the right time at the right store where there is the best price. Coupon blogs can help you with that and can tell you which coupons to use when.

To help stay up to date on all of my favorite blogs, I use an RSS reader to stay on top of news. It’s a great way to get the headlines and stay informed, and I can click through for more details on anything I want more information on.

Social Media
Some of my hottest savings have actually come from social media. Be sure to follow your favorite brands on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media to stay up to date on promotions and get their latest coupons and deals.

There are several great money saving apps that can help you save big bucks and even turn purchases into money makers when you combine them with paper coupons. Some of my favorites are Ibotta and Jingit.

Shop a particular retailer regularly? See if they have a text club? They may be able to send text coupons straight to your cell phone to help you save money. Just show the cashier your phone when you check out.



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