Four Ways to Get Your Schedule Back on Track for Kids Going Back to School

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Can you believe back to school is almost here?  Summer is almost over and that means back to school time.  Summer time usually means no set in stone schedule but back to school time means a more consistent routine.  There are some things you can do to get everyone’s schedule back on track for kids when they head back to school.


  • To adjust their sleep schedule, you want to start adjusting the schedule about two weeks before school starts.  The first few days, start with an 11pm bedtime and set an alarm for 8:30am.  After four nights or so, set the bedtime for 10pm and the alarm for 7:30am.  Then after four or five nights, set a 9pm bedtime with a 6:30am alarm.


  • Let the family know the next day’s schedule at dinnertime.  Summer has no set schedule so people need reminding of things like games, practices and bus times. 


  • If you leave the blinds open at night, then the next morning the sun will shine in and get the family up and going. 


  • Having a staging area means no more morning madness.  Have one area in the home for backpacks, jackets, boots, books, and band instruments.  This way there is no looking around for this and that.


Thanks to Danielle at Mom’s Madhouse for these tips!


  1. My kids went back today and it’s definitely time to get back into the swing of things!

  2. In my house it’s really sort of funny. The kids are on track and I’m the one who is dragging in the mornings.

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