Expecting? Get $250 in Baby Freebies When You Register for Enfamil Family Beginnings

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Here’s a great freebie for new moms!  Enfamil has a great “Family Beginnings” gift pack that is valued up to $250. You’ll get free gifts, plus expert advice for every stage of your baby’s development. Even if you’re going to nurse your baby, this is still a great set of freebies, and you can just give away or donate the formula and keep the other freebies. Just click on the box above to register.


  1. Sherrie C. says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Thanks for this! I have a grandbaby due in December and this will be a lot of help to his/her mom :) I’m going to send daughter-in-law an email and let her know about this.

  2. Even if she’s going to nurse her baby there are some nice freebies included. It was a few years ago when I signed up, but I got a very nice diaper bag, changing pad, insulated cooler for bottles, as well as several cans of formula and coupons for several more. If she doesn’t need the formula, it’s always a much needed (and appreciated!) item at any food pantry and shelter, and if she does need it, this is a great way to get on the mailing list for regular high value coupons! They also have a nice e-mail newsletter that has baby milestones that I always enjoyed, great tips and more.

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