Travel Review: Light Up Your Summer Fun w/ #igNight @SF_GreatAmerica



Disclosure: Two Kids and a Coupon received passes to attend the park for purposes of reviewing this event. All opinions, oohs, and ahhs were completely our own. 


Looking for family fun in the midwest that will light up your summer like nothing else? Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL has added a new nighttime finale show that is sure to add a bang and some sparks in more ways than one!



So what is igNight? Here’s a few details!


Six Flags Great America is pleased to present the premiere of igNIGHT – Grand Finale, a mesmerizing and immersive nighttime spectacle bursting with energy, vivid colors, brilliant visual effects, lively performances, fascinating imagery, and pure imagination.


The groundbreaking new high-tech show — the most advanced show in the park’s 37-year history! — plays on all your senses, taking you on a wonderfully wild journey to a beautiful never-before-seen world. Watch in wonder as igNIGHT illuminates the dark night, magically bringing to life a phenomenal bright and vibrant multimedia universe filled with music, singing, dancing, laser lighting, and pyrotechnics right before your very eyes. Guest interaction along with advanced audio, enhanced video projection, and special effects round out the brand new show that is sure to stun and delight audiences of all ages.


igNIGHT – Grand Finale will premiere in summer 2013 and will take place in the evenings right before the park closes because there’s no better way to end an adrenaline-filled day at Six Flags Great America than with a big bang! 


Two Kids and a Coupon was invited out to Six Flags Great America to visit the park for the day and to see the premiere of the very first igNight event.



While my step-daughter wasn’t able to join us for the weekend, my husband, my little man and I recently made a road trip to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL. Despite some early morning thundershowers we had a great day at the park riding rides and enjoying the attractions. My husband had been to the parks years ago as a child, but this was the first visit for myself and my son. My little guy in particular had a great time on the Buccaneer Bay (he’s a pirate nut!) water ride, the double decker carousel and while I can’t remember what it’s called we loved the high views from the slow moving ride that allowed the whole family to get a sky high view of the theme park.



As the sun went down and the park began to get dark, it was time to igNight the night! We had a perfect viewing location right across from the stage and a special themed presentation featured song, dance, fireworks, lasers, pyrotechnics and more. My poor 4 year old was so beat from a full day of fun in the sun without a nap that I’m not sure he appreciated it, but my husband and I thought it was great and judging by the yells and screams from the crown who stuck around despite some showers – they thought it was fabulous too!  We’re headed back to Six Flags Great America in a few weeks when we’re in town for a blogging conference and I can’t wait to check it out again!



For more information on Six Flags Great America visit them online. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more information about the IgNIGHT Grand Finale on their website. Save $20 Off One-Day Admission to Six Flags Great America with this coupon.




  1. Looks like fun. We have a Six Flags up here in Massachusetts. It’s about 90 minutes away from Boston and it’s so expensive that we never go. There are a few smaller theme parks in New Hampshire that we go to instead…..and of course, we do Disney every year,

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