Toy Product Testing – Host a Monopoly Unleashed House Party


If you or your family take board games seriously, here’s a fun toy product testing opportunity you’ll want to apply for!  House party is looking for applicants for their upcoming Monopoly Unleashed House Party. See the details below.

There’s a new addition to the MONOPOLY game family so get your cat- and dog-loving friends together and be among the first to play the MONOPOLY game with the new Cat Token. Have a blast playing the game with new Cats vs. Dogs rules that will get everybody purring and wagging their tails. Does the new Cat Token mean the Scottie Dog Token is in the doghouse? You and your friends will have to decide! Choose your side and play the new game to unleash the fun and decide which token will Pass Go first!

If selected as host, you’ll get an awesome Party Pack:

  • MONOPOLY game
  • MONOPOLY Hotels game
  • MONOPOLY Junior game
  • MONOPOLY Millionaire DEAL Card Game
  • MONOPOLY branded pet bowl
  • MONOPOLY branded key chains
  • MONOPOLY branded tattoos
  • MONOPOLY branded cups
  • MONOPOLY Coupons

House Party is always a blast and a fun excuse to get together with family and friends. Good luck and if you get accepted, let me know!


  1. I think I need to apply. What fun!

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