#Fitness – 5 Fun Tips to Keep Your Family Fit PLUS the Fit & Healthy Family Sweepstakes

After a long holiday weekend of nothing but rain here in Iowa, I admit we haven’t exactly been up and active here this weekend here at Two Kids and a Coupon. We found these five fun fitness tips in our e-mail inbox this weekend while cleaning out messages and thought they were too fun not to share and we’ll be trying them ourselves tonight to get up and get moving. Here’s five easy ways for your family to get moving too:

1. Commercial Break: 

If you’re going to watch TV, make a game out of commercial breaks. Have the kids walk around the room and touch three things that are green. Whoever finds three items first gets to choose the next color.
2. Good Old-Fashioned Follow the Leader: 

Play outside! What a novel idea. Have the kids put down their cell phones, tablets and video games and start a game of hide and seek or duck, duck, goose! They are oldies, but they’re still goodies!
3. Tiny Bubbles: 

Summer fun in the backyard with a bubble-blower. Blow some bubbles and have some giggles watching the kids try and pop them all.

4. 80s Flashback:

The 80s are remembered for legwarmers and the oh-so stylish mullet hair. But let’s not forget the tunes! Turn up the 80s radio station and dance, dance, dance (like a ‘maniac’) with your kids.

5. Your Furriest Child:

The dog shouldn’t be left out of the exercise fun. After all, dogs LIKE to go on walks. Make it a family routine to walk the pup after dinner.

These tips courtesy of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. For more fun tips from My Gym, visit their Facebook page to see what other families are doing to stay fit and enter their Fit and Healthy Family Contest!


Disclosure: These tips were provided however no compensation was received. I simply thought they were great tips and a fun sweepstakes that I wanted to share!


  1. That commercial break idea is awesome! I will have to try that!

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