Poster Frames to Fresh Paint – 5 Ideas for Decorating Your Kids Bedroom Walls on a Budget

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Are the walls in your kid’s rooms looking a little bare? Looking to give your child’s room a little make over but don’t have much to spend? Updating what you have on the walls in a room can give it a whole new look, even when you’re designing with little ones in mind .


For me right now, one of the decorating challenges with my kids is the fact that we have a boy and a girl sharing a room.  My 8 year old step-daughter isn’t quite mature enough yet to move to a room by herself on the lower level of the house far away from mom and dad, so right now her and my 3 year old little man are sharing a room. We have to pick gender neutral colors and designs, but here’s a few fun ways to spice up your child’s walls on a budget.




Posters are fun for all kids, and the nice part when you’re on a budget is that they’re usually very cheap. You can usually buy them online or in-store for just a few dollars and to save your walls and to make the room have a more finished feel, instead of hanging them up with tape or tacks, invest in some inexpensive wholesale poster frames to make your posters look great. As the kids grow older, you can swap out the posters in the frames as their tastes change for their latest favorites and reuse the frames over and over again. Our family loves movies, so right now the kids have several of their favorite movie posters framed in their room.



Family Photos

We travel a lot and take a lot of photos and the kids LOVE looking back at photos from our different adventures. One of our kids favorite things to hang on their walls are photos of themselves and our family on trips and with their friends. We buy nice looking, but inexpensive frames (in case they get broken, since they are in a kid’s room after all, right?) and make 8×10 prints to frame for the walls, and for some of the really great pictures we’ll even make cheap photo canvas prints to hang on the walls. You can get some great offers where you just pay shipping (usually under $15) and it’s fun and classy way to decorate the room.


Kids Artwork

Is your refrigerator overflowing with artwork? Why not take some of your children’s best handiwork and frame it for their walls? It’s a great way to showcase their projects and you can swap it out from time to time with new projects.


Murals & Decals

If you’re handy with a paint brush (or know someone who is), one of the big trends today in kids rooms is murals. Pick a theme or design your child likes and paint it as large or as small as you like. There are even companies that will do a kind of “paint by number” mural kit where they will send you the decals for all the lines so you know where to paint, and you still do the painting. If you’re not quite as skilled with a brush, you may want to try out the peel and stick decals instead. They’re easy, quick and also removable so you can take them down if you’re renting or your child’s tastes change.




A fresh coat of paint can give nearly any room a new look, and it’s amazing what a new color can do to bring new life into a room. For kids rooms don’t hesitate to pick fun colors, and do some research online or check out how-to books on how to create fun patterns and shapes using paint on the walls using painters tape and stencils. Disney has a new line of paints that ties in with many of their films and characters that has some fantastic colors and there are many other great colors as well. Be sure you talk to the technician at the paint store about the best finish for the type of painting your’re doing, and let them know it’s for a kids room. That way they can make recommendations for something that is resistant and cleanable for lots of little finger prints and crayon marks.

We’ll be sharing some more fun ideas for decorating kids ideas on a budget very soon. Be sure to check out our Kids Room Decorating Ideas Pinterest Board for lots of additional ideas!




  1. Janet W. says:

    Once my grandson is old enough to start making his own artwork, I can’t wait to start putting that up on the walls in his room and around the house!

  2. I love the poster idea. They take up lots of space and they’re so inexpensive.

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