#Iowa Readers – Save Up to $8 off at Adventureland Park in 2013



UPDATED – For 2014  coupons for Adventureland park in Altoona, Iowa during the 2014 season the promotion has changed to the following.

$6 OFF in May & September

$4 OFF In June

$3 OFF in July & August

$10 off season passes for Adventureland


I’ve had lots of Iowa readers asking for Adventureland coupons, so I wanted to be sure to share this link.  Get the following savings at Adventureland park in Altoona, Iowa during the 2013 season.

$8 OFF in May & September

$6 OFF In June

$4 OFF in July & August




  1. Where exactly do I enter this code at to get the discount?

    • The link takes you through to a website for Des Moines events and attractions. They move stuff around regularly, but as of mid-August, if you look on the left hand side, you’ll see a little ad that rotates for adventureland and other attractions. Click on the link and a box pops up where you can print a coupon or you can use the coupon code when you purchase tickets online.

      Note: I haven’t been able to try this myself yet, just merely stumbled across it and wanted to share!

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