How to Earn Big Fat Checks from Shopping Online (or at Least Little Fat Checks!)

Earn free money online



Today I just got the notice above from Ebates that I’m getting a big fat check of $15.17 from Ebates. Ok, admittedly that’s more of a little fat check, however, this is still free money that I’ve earned just for doing stuff I do normally anyway — shopping online.

While you might use a credit card to get cash back, did you know you can also earn cash back for shopping online through Ebates? You get to use discount codes to save money, can shop the clearance stuff and you’ll still get cash back too. I even use it with my Amazon Prime to get cash back on my purchases there!

While $15.17 isn’t a fortune, if you add it up over a year — it can really add up — especially if you do any amount of online shopping. For more information on how you can earn your own big fat checks from Ebates (or at least little ones!) visit them online.


  1. I’m a fan of cash back sites too. It’s nice to get the surprise e-mail that a check is coming your way. I use my money for extra kid activities. They enjoy it and I’m not out any extra money.

    • If you’re going to be shopping online anyway, it’s a definitely a great way to get a little extra! =0)

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